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Is it the beginning of the end of Cong in T Congress Hara-Kiri On The Issue Would Gift Telangana On A Platter To The TRS

The Congress high command may be under the impression that only a national party like it can give Telangana,but thanks to its lack of understanding of the ground reality or its condescending attitude to the whole issue,it is becoming increasingly evident that the entire region is virtually lost for the ruling party for many years to come. A clear indication of this was Sundays development,in which three Telangana Congress MLAs,Jupalli Krishna Rao (Kollapur in Mahbubnagar district),S Satyanarayana (Ramagundam in Karimnagar district) and T Rajaiah,MLA (Station Ghanpur in Warangal district ) quit from the primary membership of the Congress and joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).
Jupalli has already resigned as a minister in the Congress government,apart from earlier quitting from the assembly.While his resignation from the cabinet has been accepted,no decision as yet has emerged on his MLA status.Rajaiah and Satyanarayana,the other two Congress MLAs who quit the party on Sunday,had also resigned along with all the Telangana elected representatives in support of the separate state in July this year.However,Speaker Nadendla Manohar had rejected all the 101 resignations on the ground that they were submitted under emotional stress.

While the remaining Congress MLAs from the region totally numbering about 50 may be short-sighted and hankering after short-term gains like cabinet berths,the ruling party MPs from the region appear to be aware as to what is in store for the party in the 2014 elections as long as it continues to play around with the sentiments of the people of this region. Rajya Sabha MP K Keshava Rao and Nizamabad Lok Sabha MP Madhu Yashki have been trying to impress upon the high command as well as telling the media both in Hyderabad and New Delhi that the party will be decimated in the next polls if it persists with its present policy towards the demand for the separate state.According to sources,after allying with the TRS in the 2004 elections and promising a separate state,the Congress has virtually left the ground for the latter to consolidate its position.For full seven years,the Congress played cagey on the Telangana demand.And what made matters worse was its announcement in favour of the separate state on December 9,2009,and withdrawing it in two weeks time.Thus,while the Congress was committing hara-kiri in Telangana,the TRS went about in a systematic way in tearing apart the TDP,the only other strong force in the region, said a Congress leader.

But what has stumped many of the Telangana Congress leaders is that despite repeated assertions to the leaders as to what is happening to it in the T region,it continued to play the ostrich burying its head in sand in times of danger.The latest example of this is putting up a candidate against the TRS nominee in the Banswada assembly bypoll.This,despite our appeal not to do so, said a T Congress leader.As a result,the TRS has come to end up as the sole torch-bearer of the Telangana cause.And its grip on the region is getting firmer with each passing day.And out of sheer helplessness,in the coming days,more Congress leaders as well as those from the TDP are likely to join the TRS.By the time the 2014 assembly elections take place,the scenario of a complete domination of the T region by the TRS appears to be very much on the cards.

Time for Cong to merge with TRS -3 Cong MLAs Join KCRs Party

Times of India Publications

 Hyderabad: Putting to rest speculation that TRS would merge with Congress,party president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday clarified that time has come for Congress to merge with his party. Rao, speak-ing at function held to welcome three Congress MLAs,Jupalli Krishna Rao,T Rajaiah and Somarapu Satyanarayana and hundreds of their supporters into the TRS fold,cautioned PM Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson against testing the patience of Telangana people. He said Congress and all other political parties would soon lose their political livelihood in the region if they failed to respect public sentiment. The Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi must remember that more MLAs are willing to join us,not only from Congress but other parties also.The day is not far away when the Congress will have to merge with TRS.We will dictate terms to Delhi by winning all seats in the region.We forced the Centre to concede Telangana on Dec 9,2009.In the future,they will have no choice but to abide by their earlier announcement on initiating the process of formation of T state.We once again demand the PM and UPA chairperson to honour their word, he said.

KCR dares Naidu to move no-confidence motion

Stating that these three resignations would give TRS the strength of 1,000 elephants,Rao assured them of a bright political future in the new state.Todays event once again reflects the unity among T people and their leaders.These MLAs have set aside their party janda (flag) and have taken a plunge into the movement to achieve the agenda (of Telangana state).Their services will never be forgotten, he said. Rao asked Telangana ministers to break their silence and build pressure on the Centre by taking sides with the agitating people and stop supporting the Seemandhra government.How long will you hang on to power If you resign from your posts,Delhi will give us our state, he said.

The TRS chief challenged TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu to prove his sincerity by moving a no-confidence motion against Kiran Kumar Reddy,who has lost the moral right to govern the state.If the TDP chief claims that he is not hand-in-glove with the Congress,then he must pull down the Kiran-led Congress government in the state during the winter session of the House by moving a no-confidence motion.We will support the motion against this dictatorial Govt. Else,you will go down as a permanent betrayer of Telangana, he said. Lashing out at T-TDP MLAs for failing to rebel against Naidu for the cause of Telangana,KCR questioned why they were continuing in a party that has been repeatedly working against the interests of Telangana people.

The three MLAs earlier in the day accused the Congress high command of failing the people of Telangana."The indecisiveness on the part of the Congress bosses is a matter of serious concern.The Centre's silence and indifference to the hundreds of suicides in the region has made us feel that the Congress is not willing to give Telangana.We cannot stay in a party that remains silent to police excesses on their own elected representatives.Cases are being foisted against elected representatives.It is becoming tough for us to continue as ruling party members.There is no future for the party as it refuses to take a firm stand on Telangana.We are taking a direct plunge into the agitation from this moment on,"they said.Lashing out at his erstwhile cabinet colleagues from the region,Rao said,"Had T ministers resigned from their posts,Telangana would have been a reality by now.We are resigning from Congress to build pressure on the Congress high command and also on the ministers and MLAs from the region. These MLAs who have already resigned from their elected posts in support of the separate statehood demand two months ago faxed their resignations to the PCC president on Sunday.

Konda Lakshman to fast in New Delhi

His struggle for separate Telangana state may have stretched several decades,but 96-year-old Acharya Konda Lakshman Bapuji remains undaunted as he goes on a seven-day hunger strike in New Delhi from November 1.Announcing his decision to go on a satyagraha in New Delhi on Sunday,Bapuji warned that he would organise a mass agitation in the region if the Centre does not initiate the statehood process by the end of his strike.I have been fighting for a separate state for over four decades now.Promises haven't been kept,precious lives have been lost,yet there has been little progress in this issue, he lamented.PTI

T CHORUS: Congress MLAs T Rajaiah,S Satyanarayana and J Krishna Rao raise slogans in support of Telangana after joining TRS in the presence party chief KCR and MP Vijayashanthi in the city on Sunday
Cong calms T MLAs with SUV gifts
Mahbubnagar: After quitting the Congress on Sunday,Jupalli Krishna Rao made a significant announcement that several other Congress leaders would follow the suit.Notwithstanding Jupallis claims,the party leadership was already in the fast lane by gifting highend SUVs to young Telangana Congress MLAs to see that they do not jump the fence and join KCRs Telangana Rashtra Samithi. Sources told TOI that 15 Telangana Congress MLAs were the benefactors as each one of them was gifted a Toyota Fortuner vehicle,costing a whopping Rs 25 lakh.The desperation in the Congress camp was evident as the young legislators were presented the premium SUVs a few days back.Some of the MLAs had threatened to quit in support of the separate Telangana demand.

Times of India Publications

Cong puts up brave front as 3 MLAs resign 

 Hyderabad/Mahbubnagar: While the Congress tried to put up a brave front saying that the resignations of three MLAs would not hurt the party in Telangana,Telangana Congress leaders said it doesnt bode well for the party. PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana said in Mahbubnagar on Sunday that the three MLAs had quit the party only to pursue their personal agenda.He said separate Telangana state would not be created through resignations.The UPA government is seized of the matter.Those who are resigning from the party must be under illusion that Telangana would be granted through their resignations, he said,ridiculing the action of Jupalli Krishna Rao,T Rajaiah and S Satyanarayana.The good news to put an end to this T-tangle will be announced soon, he said. Senior Congress leader K Keshava Rao blamed it on the party leadership and indifferent CM.He said the MLAs were upset over the delaying tactics of the party leadership and added that he would convey their concerns to the high command when he meets senior leaders in Delhi on Monday.Telangana Congress MPs Vivekanand and Madhu Yashki Goud said the MLAs quit the party only because of lack of a strong leadership in the state Congress.Guntur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao said the resignation of three Congress MLAs in T-region was unfortunate when the party high command is seriously working out a solution.Speaking to reporters in Guntur,Rao said some leaders in the T-region were worried about their winning chances in the next elections and hence were switching over to TRS to get elected again.

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IN PRINCIPLE -What Telangana says about our democracy

 Whether you agree with their demand or not,there is no denying the extraordinary commitment on display across Telangana.Lakhs of government servants have been on a strike for over a month,suffering loss of pay and ruining their Dussehra.Given the Centres prolonged consultations and deliberations,the agitators are likely to miss out on Diwali too.
Their bid to intensify the agitation with a rail blockade has prompted the Andhra Pradesh government to come up with tough measures.Things could get worse in a situation where schools and colleges have been shut as teachers too have taken to the streets.Similarly,the involvement of bus drivers has disrupted public transport in Telangana and of coal miners has caused a power crisis in the whole of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states.The political response to this popular revolt has thrown up larger questions about democracy,governance and constitutional morality.Although the movement has been by and large peaceful,ministers and legislators are in no position to set foot in Telangana districts outside Hyderabad. This is even after MLAs and MPs tried to pacify agitators by tendering mass resignations about two months ago. The gesture proved to be farcical as none of their resignations have come into effect.State ministers on their part made a similar show of boycotting the secretariat and cabinet meetings.The stalemate in governance has resulted in incalculable social and economic costs.

What is worse is the subversion of democracy by the Centre in Telangana.In the 2004 Lok Sabha election,the Congress partys alliance with TRS won the popular mandate in Telangana,which has 17 constituencies. Despite the incor-poration of Telangana in its CMP, the UPA-1 made little effort to honour that promise.Yet,in the 2009 election,the Congress party fared even better in Telangana for two reasons.First,all the major parties had by then come out in support of the statehood demand.But,more importantly,chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy played a fraud on the voters in Telangana.Taking undue advantage of the multi-phase polling in Andhra Pradesh,Reddy sought votes in Telangana by making suitable noises.Then,while campaigning in the rest of the state,he claimed that those people would need visas to visit Hyderabad if they did not pre-empt the division of the state by voting for Congress.

Later in the same year,after Reddy had died in a crash,the Manmohan Singh government betrayed similar disdain for the Telangana sentiment.Reacting to the hunger strike forced on TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao by agitating students,P Chidambaram famously announced on December 9,2009 that the process of forming a separate Telangana will be initiated. Yet,within a fortnight,Chidambaram reneged on it,saying that the situation in Andhra Pradesh has altered since his state-ment.Why,did the people of Telangana suddenly change their mind.No,Chidambaram was actually referring to differences that emerged among political parties after he had conceded statehood.A large number of political parties are divided on the issue, he said,adding that this was despite the all-party consensus in Hyderabad just two days before his December 9 statement.In effect,the Centre placed fickleness of political parties above the will of the people of Telangana,manifested in successive elections.

By the time the current round of the agitation started last month,the peoples will had been expressed even more emphatically in the 2010 assembly by-elections,when Telangana proponents had won all the 12 seats.The by-elections took place while the agitation was on hold for a year,in deference to the consultations held by the Justice Srikrishna Committee.But its anti-Telangana report turned out to be so flawed that the Centre has never dared to convene the promised all-party meeting to discuss its findings. A secret chapter of the Srikrishna report,laid bare by the Andhra Pradesh high court,was so partisan that it advised the Govt.
on how it could deal with opposition parties and manage the media.

The insults heaped on the Telangana movement by the Manmohan Singh government contrast with the respect shown by Jawaharlal Nehru in a speech delivered early 1956 in the then Hyderabad state,which included Kannada and Marathi-speaking districts.He was opposed to the idea of separating those districts from Telangana because it is a flourishing province.He however yielded to the preference expressed by the people of Kannada and Marathi-speaking districts.For,who was I to force my views down their throats.This is not how a democracy works.Therefore,though it was my firm opinion,I gave it up. On the demand since raised by Telanganites for breaking up another flourishing province called Andhra Pradesh,Nehrus successors could well redeem themselves by following his democratic approach.


BARE TRUTH Pro-Telangana students at Osmania University

No breakthrough in employees -govt talks - Govt,TEJAC Fail To Find Common Ground In Second Round Of Talks

Another week of uncertainty stares at the Greater Hyderabad residents especially in relation to the education sector as the second round of talks between the Telangana Employees' Joint Action Committee (TEJAC) and the Group of Ministers representing the state government failed on Saturday.While the government claimed that there was some progress,the TEJAC leaders ruled out withdrawing the strike unless the Centre announces a road map for carving a separate T state.  For the first time,the employee unions climbed down a step on their demand of Telangana state and asked the cabinet sub-committee to pass a unanimous resolution in favour of T state either in the assembly or in the state cabinet. When the ministers in the committee pointed out that it will not be possible since assembly and cabinet consists representatives from three regions,the TEJAC leaders compromised further and demanded a clear road map with time limit attached,for carving out Telangana.

We will discuss the issue with the chief minister and other colleagues in the cabinet.During the talks we made it clear to the union leaders that Centre is actively pursuing the issue and a decision would be out very soon, said Danam Nagender, minister for labour and member of sub-committee. On the other hand,the T employee unions announced that their main demand of Telangana would continue to be there and wanted conducive environment to continue the talks with the government.With regard to three demands placed before the government,cabinet sub-committee assured the TEJAC that an inquiry has been ordered on the attack on NGOs leader Swamy Goud and legal opinion requested from the advocate general on withdrawal of GO 177 and removal of cases filed on the employees.

With deadlock continuing even on the 33rd day of the strike, students across the Telangana region are set to see their academic schedule disrupted even further.With no solution to the issue,colleges and schools may not open from Monday as expected.We already informed our students that colleges will be opened from Monday hoping that the government would find a solution for the strike.Now we are not sure of that, said a private college correspondent.Already students have lost more than one month of classes with the quarterly examinations scheduled before Dasara being postponed indefinitely.Now the half-yearly examinations also hang fire as several schools might find it difficult to complete the syllabus.Meanwhile the chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy intensified his efforts to reopen the schools and colleges in Telangana.He held meetings with senior officials and party MLAs from Telangana and discussed the measures that can be taken to convince the teachers and lecturers to call off their strike.He directed DGP V Dinesh Reddy to provide necessary security to all private colleges who come forward to restart the classes.He told officials that his priority is to reopen the educational institutions at any cost.He also asked Congress affiliated teachers unions to prevail upon their colleagues to call off the strike.Congress supported MLC Mohan Reddy who also heads PRT union has been asked to convince his unionists.We are expecting a breakthrough in a day or two.We are trying all options, said a senior bureaucrat in the chief ministers office.

STALEMATE CONTINUES: Deputy chief minister Damodar Raja Narasimha,ministers Mukesh Goud and Danam Nagender hold discussions with leaders of Telangana Employees Joint Action Committee (TEJAC) at the Secretariat on Saturday

Cong MPs slam police,T mantris

Congress MPs K Keshava Rao and Madhu Yashki Goud strongly condemned the foisting of nonbailable cases on MPs and MLAs who participated in the rail roko. Addressing the media late night at Raos Jubilee Hills residence after their release from custody,the MPs also crossed swords with the T ministers for appealing to the employees to call off the agitation. The MPs participation in the rail roko ensured the peaceful conduct of the agitation.Still,the police booked cases under various sections including that for damaging railway property, he said.
Taking strong objection to the police threatening life conviction in these cases,Rao termed the goverments attitude as undemocratic.Even the railway recognises rail roko as a democratic form of protest.But,the police treat it as violence, he said. Rao challenged police to show even a single instance of MPs damaging public property.All the cases are being converted into non-bailable ones by invoking this section, he alleged. He also said their agitation will continue till a credible road map on state formation was issued by Centre. The MPs demanded that all the cases booked on the agitators be withdrawn.
Minister Jana urges employees to end stir

Hyderabad: The steering committee of the Telangana Congress,formed to carry forward the movement for a separate state,appears to be pulling in different directions. While all the eight MPs including
K Keshava Rao, Madhu Yashki, G Vivek, Ponnam Prabhakar,S Rajaiah and Manda Jagannatham were arrested for actively participating in the rail roko on Saturday, the ministers led by K Jana Reddy appealed to striking teachers and employees to call off their agitation immediately. The ministers, who have been under pressure from the party MPs to resign from the cabinet in protest against repression unleashed by the police to foil the rail roko, met at Jana Reddys residence and resolved to work to persuade the employees to call off the agitation. Later, the ministers J Geeta Reddy, B Saraiah,
D Sridhar Babu, P Sabita Indra Reddy and D K Aruna met chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and urged him to resolve the issue amicably. Emerging from the meeting,Jana Reddy said the strike should be called off as the Centre was seized of the matter.We have effectively conveyed the aspirations of the people and the Centre also took note of the gravity of the situation.As the efforts are being made to fulfill the aspirations of Telangana people,there is no need to continue the strike, Jana Reddy said.
The ministers congratulated the employees,teachers,APSRTC and other organizations for successfully continuing the agitation for a month.Now,we have to take care that the development of the region should not be adversely affected.We have to put an end to the sufferings of the people, Reddy said.
Calling off the strike and other activities provided an opportunity to the leaders in Delhi to take a decision as per the aspirations of the people,he added.
TJAC green signal to RTC strike call off
 The Telangana Forum of National Mazdoor Union (NMU) called off their 27-day APSRTC strike after holding talks with transport minister Botsa Satyanarayana late on Saturday night.TNMU co-convenor K Hanumathu told STOI that they decided to end the strike following Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman M Kodandaram agreeing to exempt APSRTC from the Sakala Janula Samme.Announcing the decision,transport minister Satyanarayana said that TNMU leaders during the discussion raised several issues concerning the welfare of workers.The strike is affecting general public and I am pleased that the union members decided to call off their strike,'' Satyanarayana said.However,the TNMU activists claimed they had just deferred the strike.It was the second time in a week an announcement on the strike was made.On October 10,the NMU leaders had called off the strike,but their Telangana counterparts refused to resume duty.Earlier,the state government had given the workers assurance that the services of 6,000 contract employees would be regularized and the workers would be paid salaries for the strike period (27 days).In Bus Bhavan,80% of the employees are from Seemandhra region,so we demanded that equal proportion of Telangana employees be posted there, Hanumanthu said.APSRTC,in a statement,said 5,652 buses plied on Saturday.

MINORITY REPORT - Which Hyd are you talking about

Times of India Publications

Suddenly,there is lot of speculation on the future of Hyderabad as the Congress high command grapples,or rather wrestles,with protracted issue of separate Telangana statehood.It is being said that votaries of Telangana state may not be averse to sharing Hyderabad as a joint capital with their Seemandhra counterparts for a limited period.

But the larger question is: which Hyderabad they are pondering about Is it Hyderabad district,Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC),Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) area or Mega Hyderabad that Srikrishna Committee has mooted in its voluminous report Is it Hyderabad as a Centrally Administered Area (CAR) or as a Union Territory (UT)

All these options/formulations on the jurisdiction and status of Hyd in the event of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh are fraught with serious implications.The truncated Hyderabad district,as it exists now,came into being in August 1978,when the erstwhile Hyderabad district was bifurcated to carve out Ranga Reddy district.Hyderabad district,which includes the erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) and Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB),now comprises 217 sq km and has a population of 40 lakh as per 2011 census. The GHMC, formed in April 2007 with the merger of erstwhile MCH and 12 adjoining municipalities in Ranga Reddy and Medak districts,consists of 650 sq km and population of 77 lakh.The HMDA,constituted in August 2008 with the expansion of Hyderabad Urban development Authority (Huda) limits and merger of Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA) and Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (Hada) with Huda, is spread over 55 mandals in five districts, Hyd, Ranga Reddy,Medak,Nalgonda and Mahbubnagar, with total area of 7,228 sq km and population of 100 lakh.As many as 849 villages come under HMDA area. While offering optimal solutions/options, Srikrishna Committee talks about Hyderabad as a UT  under two separate options. Option I envisages bifurcation of AP into Seemand hra and Telangana with Hyderabad as a UT and the two states developing their own capitals in due course.The Union Territo ry of Hyderabad,as per this option,would be co-terminus with the HMDA area.Under Option-IV,SKC suggests bifurcation of AP into Seem-andhra and Telangana with enlarged Hyderabad Metropolis as separate UT.To quote the Committee re port: This Union Territory will have geo graphical linkage and contiguity via Nal gonda district in the south-east to Guntur district in Coastal Andhra and via Mah bubnagar district in the south to Kurnool district in Rayalaseema. The Committee points out that this option flows from Option-II which highlights the characteristics of Hyderabad as a global city.The citys boundaries have recently been revised to extend the municipal limits from the 175 sq km of the erstwhile MCH to 625 sq km of the current GHMC.The erstwhile Huda has been replaced by an expanded HMDA headed by the chief minister,with a substantial area of 7,073 sq km,which is about twice the size of the state of Goa. In this option,an extended Union Territory of approximately 12,000 sq km has been proposed.The extended Union Territory will comprise 67 mandals,1,330 villages,12,430 sq km. The population of this area is around 120 lakh.Both HMDA and Mega Hyderabad proposed by Srikrishna Committee include large parts of Telangana hinterland and encroach into the administrative jurisdiction of half of the 10 districts in Telangana region,including Hyderabad.

Hyderabad district has 15 assembly seats and two Lok Sabha constituencies (Hyderabad and Secunderabad) but the GHMC area covers 24 assembly constituencies and five Lok Sabha seats, including Malkajgiri parliamentary constituency (PC) and parts of Chevella and Medak PCs. HMDA consists of 34 assembly seats and seven Lok Sabha constituencies,including parts of Mahbubnagar and Bhongir PCs.Mega Hyderabad as suggested by SKC will have 38 assembly seats and nine Lok Sabha constituencies,including parts of Nagarkurnool and Nalgonda PCs.If the areas coming under some of these ACs and PCs are redrawn,the SKC area will have 35 ACs and seven Lok Sabha seats.The rest of Telangana will be left with 84 ACs and 12 PCs! This is hardly something that Telangana protagonists can cheer about.

Moreover,the future of Hyderabad cannot be decided by claimants from either side of the political divide (Telangana and Seemandhra),nor by those sitting on judgment on this contentious issue in Delhi.The real stakeholders in Hyderabad are its citizens,and their concerns and aspirations cannot be brushed aside by other players.Mumbai did not become a Union Territory when Bombay state was bifurcated to form Maharashtra and Gujarat states in 1960.Chennai did not become joint capital of Andhra and Madras states when composite Madras state was bifurcated in 1953.These historical facts may well clear the air on the future of Hyderabad.

Syed Amin Jafri - The writer is a member of AP Legislative Council and journalist


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Cases stack up as lower court employees join T protest

Bringing judicial work to a complete halt,employees of various lower courts in the city including Class 4 employees, clerks and administrative officers joined the ongoing Sakala Janula Samme on Tuesday. Lawyers,who have been striking work for the past one month,were also present at the premises to support the employees. Amidst slogans of Jai Telangana,the employees at various courts,including Nampally criminal court and city civil court,showed their support to the movement for separate statehood by closing the chambers and handing the keys to judges. The protest,they said,would be indefinite till a separate state is achieved.Amidst the sloganeering,women employees showed their support by performing a traditional dance around Bathukamma idols.

K Sarnaiah convener of Telangana judicial employees JAC,which gave the call to court employees to join the protests,said, All employees of the courts have joined the protests and we will continue till we get a separate state.We will join the lawyers at courts and continue with protests on regular basis. In front of every court hall, protesting judicial employees posted notices stating that all bail applications will be heard on October 18 and other matters would be heard on varying dates depending on the concerned court. Major lower courts in the city including Nampally court,City Civil and Criminal Courts,Secunderabad court,have at least 400 employees each. The cases in these courts are piling up as lawyers have been abstaining from work since September 13.This has severely affected work as judges are forced to fend for themselves without any assistance even in urgent cases.

The judges had other problems to deal with on Tuesday with their attendants and drivers joining the stir.CBI special court judge Naga Maruti Sarma was among those who made it court but not without an eventful commute to work.With his driver joining the strike,the judge started for the Nampally court from his Banjara Hills residence on his old two-wheeler,which soon ran out of petrol.It was after his friends came with a litre of petrol,did Sarma reach court and worked through the day only to go back on the same vehicle. Tuesdays call to citys judicial employees was given by the Telangana Judicial Employees Association,whose members in Adilabad,Khammam,Adilabad,Warangal and other Telangana districts have been part of the movement since October 1. On Wednesday,the judicial staff will hold a Vanta Vaarpu at the Nampally court.

T STEPS: Striking employees play Bathukamma at Nampally criminal courts on Tuesday

Men in uniform stir up T cup in city-Excise,Forest Department Officials Sing & Dance,Catch Public Attention At Maha Dharna

Barely hours after Telangana Political JAC chairman M Kodandaram Reddy announced on Tuesday that men in uniform would soon join Sakala Janula Samme;the venue of the employees maha dharna was abuzz with news that police personnel from the region would join them to send a strong message to the Centre. As the maha dharna proceedings gathered steam with leader after leader urging the striking employees to stay united and be on guard,a stream of visitors (both men and women) dressed in khakis descended on the venue and soon weaved their way through the crowds.Speakers on the dais too raised the tempo by claiming that men in uniform joined their ranks to express solidarity with them.

In fact, some of them danced their way to the stage and shouted slogans in support of T-cause, drawing attention from the crowds as well as the TV channels, who mistook them for personnel from the state police. Soon these men and women began to sing and dance expressing their unstinted support for the cause, one of the women, dressed in khakis, took the mike and dished out some traditional folk numbers in support of the cause, inviting a thunderous applause from the thousands of striking govt employees.
Later,organizers acknowledged that she was a member of the AP forest department, while the remaining were inspectors, SIs and constables belonging to the excise department. The largest contingent of uniformed excise and forest officials came from Adilabad and Nizamabad districts.

ALL FOR T STATE: An assistant sub-inspector of the forest department waves flag during the Maha Dharna at Indira Park in the city on Tuesday.
KCR cancels Delhi trip,says nothing to convey to Centre

TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday cancelled his trip to New Delhi,intended to meet Congress leaders and ruled out further talks with the Centre on the vexed Telangana issue. Addressing the Maha dharna of government employees at Indira Park,hours after he dropped the idea of visiting Delhi to sell his story,the TRS chief said there was nothing left for him to convey to the Centre.Cant New Delhi see what is happening in the region How long can it remain indifferent to the strike that has entered the 29th day Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must take the initiative and work towards a positive solution, he observed.

KCR said there was no going back on the struggle and no one could stop Telangana or the rail roko programme.Are there enough jails to hold one crore people who are expected to turn up on railway tracks I ask this government whether there is any logic in announcing that they would run trains with police protection.No sane person will do it.This is a peoples strike and no force in the country can prevent this.The days of showing lathis and the threat of arrests are over.No one can intimidate us any more, he said and added,There is no choice,but to separate.We want a divorce.

TRS chief instilled confidence among the striking employees by promising them service promotions once the new state comes into existence and assured them that they would get all their salary dues with interest and also another months salary as festival bonus once Telangana happens. Dispelling the threat of termination among contract employees,he said their services would be regularized as soon as their goal was achieved.Cautioning the state government against use of force to disrupt the peaceful agitation by the striking employees,he assured the gathering that they would not remain silent even if a single class IV employee is harassed or shown the door for participating in the movement.This government cannot stop the movement by threatening to use force.Our jobs will not go anywhere.Not a single employee will face any problem.No one can deny him his salary.Since the CM is not working,he too does not deserve to draw salary, he said.

Showering expletives on Congress MPs and MLAs,he asked them whether there was any element of shame left in them,at a time when employees were foregoing salaries to achieve Telangana state.The TRS chief ridiculed the chief minister for booking cases against him and other TJAC leaders.How can they book cases against our leaders if police personnel from Telangana tell us that they want to form a Telangana police officers association, he asked.Reiterating his statement on Hyderabad,KCR said the people of Telangana will not accept union territory status for Hyderabad.There is no question of Telangana without Hyderabad.Our heart will remain with us.No one,especially Seemandhra leaders need to have any ideas on separating our heart and soul from us, he warned.