Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cong hints at T-decision after budget

Congress leadership indicated on Tuesday that it would take a call on the creation of Telangana after the passage of the general budget.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh indicated this at the meeting of the UPA coordination committee.According to sources,he was responding to NCP boss and Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar who wanted to know about the Centres stand on the demand for creation of Telangana.Pawar had earlier supported the Telangana cause. (Source-TOI)


Sunday, February 17, 2013

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(Source-andhra jyothi)


Call for quick T state solution at Rahul meet -Will Abide By Partys Decision,Says CM

The Telangana votaries got a shot in the arm when Maharashtra and West Bengal Congress leaders sought an early solution to the T issue.Their reasoning was that any delay on the issue would further strengthen the separatist movements in their respective states. The matter figured at 2 day meeting of CLP leaders and PCC presidents convened by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi here on the 2nd day on Saturday. Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan and West Bengal PCC president Praduip Bhattacharya joined CM N Kiran Kumar Reddy and PCC president BSatyanarayana in urging the 2nd in-command of the party to take an early decision on the issue. The Maharashtra and Bengal representatives said any delay in the resolution of the T issue would rekindle the demand for Vidharbha in Maharashtra and Gorkhaland in West Bengal,clearly indicating that they were against the division of their states.
According to the chief minister,who interacted with the media after the second days meeting on Saturday,two issues prominently figured in the meeting as far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned.One is Telangana and the second is power crisis in Andhra Pradesh, he said.Refusing to elaborate on the discussion on the separate statehood issue in the meeting,the CM said both Botsa and he requested for an early resolution of the issue and that there was no difference of opinion between them on that.
He said he would abide by the decision of the party regardless of his personal opinion on T. Whether I am for it (Telangana) or against is immaterial when it is the Centre that has to take a decision.I will abide by the decision of the party, he said.Since the CLP leaders and PCC presidents from across the country were present in the meeting,the Telangana issue was not discussed in detail, he said adding that his Maharashtra counterpart and West Bengal PCC chief also spoke on the issue pleading for an early resolution.

On the power crisis front,Kiran Kumar said he had sought Rahul's intervention for an increased supply of gas to Andhra Pradesh from D6 in K-G Basin which would be cheaper compared to that of RLNG.The CM said the twoday meeting focused mainly on strengthening the party structure from the state to booth level in a time-bound manner.The issues of energizing the party,enthusing the workers,attracting the youth,filling of the committee from state to the block level came up for discussion, he said.When asked about Jagan,Kiran Kumar said the YSR Congress would be dealt with like any other opposition party.

Meanwhile,PCC president Botsa said the two-day meeting had resolved to implement the Jaipur declaration in a time-bound manner.Party sources indicated that very soon,the one-man-one post norm would come into force.Apart from Rahuls insistence on this norm,the principle is also implied in the Jaipur declaration,which was the talking point in the two-day meeting, the sources said.
Speaking to the media immediately after the meeting,the PCC chief said Rahul Gandhi would visit the state soon as part of the latter's decision to tour across the country to ascertain the problems of the common man and strengthen the Congress at grass-roots level.The dates would be worked after consulting the vice-president of the party.Stating that he did raise the Telangana issue,the PCC chief said he was confident of an early decision."I am very much hopeful that our party leadership will resolve the Telangana issue once for all,"Botsa said.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013




T-JAC plans Sadak Bandh on Feb 24 -Activists To Cook Food On Road To Block Hyd-Bangalore Highway

Bangalore-bound commuters would face Telangana heat as the Telangana T-JAC plans to hold Sadak Bandh on February 24. Activists would be blocking the Hydbad-Bangalore highway for 24 hours. In the run-up to the blockade,T leaders on Monday launched a two-day bus yatra along the stretch betw-een Shamshabad and Alampur on the highway to mobilse people for the Sadak Bandh. The bus yatra led by T-JAC chairman M Kodandaram was flagged off on Monday morning at Gun Park near the Assembly building.Leaders held roadshows along the stretch at various places where they address-ed public gatherings.The bus stopped at Shamshabad,Shadnagar,Balnagar,Thimmapur and Jadcherla as TJAC chairman addressed the gathering.On the second day on Tuesday,roadshows have been lined up at Gadwal and Vanaparthi before culminating at Alampur with a public rally.The purpose of the bus yatra is to sensitise the people on the Sadak Bandh.We want to mobilise masess in a big way and we are calling upon the people to take part in the event, said Kodandaram.He said the Sadak Bandh would mark the relaunch of the Telangana movement in an aggressive manner,and that the agitation targeting the Congress would not stop until the UPA government tables the separate Telangana state bill in Parliament.The government cannot remain a mute spectator when people are agitating while the youths are committing suicides for T-state cause.The Congress leaders and the Centre should take responsibility for these suicides.We want to push the government to act,and this time,it would be a decisive battle, said Kodandaram.

Eleven points have been identified along the 150-km stretch between Shamshabad and Alampur where the people of T would stage protest by cooking on the middle of the road (Vanta Varpu ),tying cattle on the road,organising cultural programme Dhoom Dhaam,and celebrating the T cult festival Bathukamma.Katti Venkataswamy,convener of TJAC,said a lakh people would take part in the Sadak Bandh, some 10,000 people would gather at each point on the highway. A similar road block is being planned to stall traffic movement on the Vijayawada highway next month. Venkataswamy said the road block programmes are being organised as a symbolic protest to convey that Telangana peoples desire to be de-linked with Seemandhra.While Hyderabad-Bangalore highway connects Telangana to Rayalaseema,Hyderabad- Vijayawada links the region with Andhra. Apart from the Sadak Bandh, the TJAC is also planning extensive protest programmes across T- in the Assembly segments represented by the Congress leaders.During the protest programmes to be held between February 16 to 21,the T activists would lay siege to residences and the office establishments of the Congress leaders.
Campaign for 50 states,Hyd as 2nd national capital
Lending support to B R Ambedkars views on smaller states and the need to have a second national capital,the Hyderabad Bachao-Badhao Aandolana,is all set to launch a campaign for 50 states-two capitals this week in the city.Considering the huge population growth in the country and political and social issues affecting us,we need to follow what Ambedkar had suggested many decades ago, said. T Prashant Kumar,founder and convener of the organization,formed in 2010 with the iconic dalit leaders views as their guiding principles.The members of the body will soon hold rallies and awareness programmes throughout the state.There is a scope for dividing the country into 50 smaller states.This will not only ensure easy administration but also peace and harmony in the region, he said.The members also want Hyderabad to be made the second national capital of the country.

There is a wide gap between south and north Indians as there is a widespread feeling that importance is always being given to north India.Having a capital in a south Indian city is the need of the hour and Hyderabad is the ideal city for this.Even Ambedkar felt the same and supported this argument, he said.Listing out further advantages,he said: If a second capital is created,the winter sessions of parliament can be held in the city which boasts of a pleasant weather throughout the year.Also,the Supreme Court can have a bench here paving the way for decentralization of judiciary.


No middle path on Telangana: Shinde

New Delhi: In what is turning out to be a Todays-Take-On-Telangana scenario being dished out by the Congress,Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said on Monday that a decision this way or that way on the separate state demand would be announced soon. When asked at a press conference here whether Telangana was a closed chapter,Shinde said: It is not a closed chapter.Since the issue is open,discussions are going on to decide this way or that way on Telangana.There is no time limit to complete the consultation process,but we are interested in a quick decision he added.In a clear snub to the resignation threat by 7 Telangana Congress MPs,Shinde said it has had no impact.Demanding an early decision on the statehood issue,the MPs,Madhu Yaskhi Goud,Gutha Sukhender Reddy,G Vivekananad,S Rajaiah,K Rajagopal Reddy,Ponnam Prabhakar and Manda Jagannatham had submitted their resignations to the party high command on January 28.
Botsa mum on T-parleys in Delhi
New Delhi: PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana on Monday met senior party leader Digvijay Singh,AICC treasurer Motilal Vora and Union tourism minister K Chiranjeevi.
Even though he is said to have been summoned by the party high command,he could not get an audience with Sonia Gandhi.Speaking to the media,Botsa said he had conveyed his opinion on Telangana to the party high command.He,however,refused to share the information.I have conveyed the feelings of the people from all the regions.I am hopeful that the Centre will resolve the issue as early as possible.The high command invited me to Delhi to record my views as PCC president. Ultimately,he said,he would abide by the decision of the party.He added he would have one more round of discussions in Delhi on February 15 and 16 during the conference of PCC presidents and CLP leaders being convened by Rahul Gandhi.In the latest exercise on resolving the T issue,the Congress has already had one round of discussion with CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and will do so with governor E S L Narasimhan and his TN counterpart K Rosaiah in the coming days.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

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T leaders told to be patient

Hyderabad: Union minister for information and broadcasting Manish Tewari on Saturday appealed to the people and leaders of Telangana to be patient as the Congress high command was carrying out a serious exercise to come out with a decision on Telangana soon. The Congress high command is serious about resolving the Telangana issue.It will come out with a decision soon.I request leaders from Telangana and Andhra-Rayalaseema regions to exervise patience, Tewari said.

Tewari,who is also the partys spokesman,told the media that the party had understood the sentiments of T.Tewari was in town to participate in an award giving ceremony.He,however,felt that there was a need for everybody to be patient.He added that the Union home ministry was fully engaged in the process of making a statement on the statehood issue. Meanwhile,governor ESL Narasimhan and PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana arrived in Delhi.While the governor will participate in the two-day governors conference,Botsa was called as part of the party consultations on the Telangana issue.
Naidus T letter has no clarity: Rayapati
 Making light of Vijayawada MP L Rajagopals protests against TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu, veteran Congress MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao said there was no need to panic about Naidus stand on the issue as there was no clarity in his letter to Centre. Without referring Rajagopals name, Rayapati said Naidus letter was not going to do great harm to the region.Speaking at Samaikyandhra Student JAC meeting at Acharya Nagarjuna University near here on Saturday,Rayapati said there was no need to stall Chandrababu Naidus tour in Guntur. People are interpreting the contents of his letter in different ways.As far as I know,there is no clarity in his letter and hence we need not to worry that Naidus letter might influence the Centre in taking a decision in favour of Telangana, he said. He said that several TDP leaders from Seemandhra region were still with them and opposed the bifurcation of the state.He said Naidu wrote a letter to the Centre only in view of his padayatra in that region.
Rayapati assured the students that the state will remain united and asked them not to take hasty decisions like committing suicides for the state.He said the Telangana region was developed by the Andhra people and they had a right over the developed areas.

Rayapati said they would not agree to the bifurcation of the state at any cost as it would deprive the youth of Seemandhra region of employment opportunities.Congress MLC TGV Krishna Reddy said it would not be possible for the Centre to agree for formation of a separate T State.He said 65% of the states population was opposed to the bifurcation of the state and Centre would not take the decision unilaterally. He,however,blamed Naidu for the present crisis as TRS leader KCR would not have started agitation had Naidu given him a post he wanted when Naidu was at helm. He said KCR had launched the party and movement only after failing to get a berth in Naidus cabinet. Samaikyandhra JAC convenor M Samuel,C Narasimha Rao and student leaders participated in the meeting.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

రాజీనామాలపై మల్లగుల్లాలు - మరోవైపు కేంద్రంపై ఒత్తిడి తేవడంలో భాగంగా రాబోయే అసెంబ్లీ సమావేశాలను స్తంభింపజేస్తే ఏ విధంగా ఉంటుందనే అంశంపైనా కసరత్తు చేస్తున్నారు.

తెలంగాణ సమస్యపై కాంగ్రెస్ ప్రజా ప్రతినిధులది ఓ విచిత్రమైన పరిస్థితి. అధిష్టానాన్ని వ్యతిరేకించలేక.. అధికారాన్ని, పదవులను వదులుకోలేక సందిగ్ధంతో ఊగిసలాడుతున్నారు. తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతంలో మంత్రులు, ఎంపీలు, ఎమ్మెల్యేలు తమ నియోజకవర్గాల్లో స్వేచ్చగా తిరిగే పరిస్థితి కనిపించడం లేదు. కాంగ్రెస్ అధిష్టానం వద్ద సీమాంధ్ర ప్రజాప్రతినిధులు వినిపించినంత బలంగా తెలంగాణ కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలు తమ వాదనల్ని వినిపించడంలేదని తెలంగాణ వాదులు ఆగ్రహం వ్యక్తం చేస్తున్నారు. ఇలాంటి పరిస్థితుల్లో కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీలో కొందరు రాజీనామాలు సమర్పించి.. అధిస్టానంపై ఒత్తిడి తీసుకువస్తే మంచిదని అంటే మరికొందరు రాజీనామాలతో ఎన్నికలు వస్తాయి కాని.. తెలంగాణ రాదని ఓ వర్గం విభేధిస్తున్నారు.

మరోవైపు కేంద్రంపై ఒత్తిడి తేవడంలో భాగంగా రాబోయే అసెంబ్లీ సమావేశాలను స్తంభింపజేస్తే ఏ విధంగా ఉంటుందనే అంశంపైనా కసరత్తు చేస్తున్నారు. ఎంపీలు రాజీనామా అస్త్రాలతోనే హైకమాండ్‌పై తీవ్రస్థాయిలో ఒత్తిడి తెచ్చినందున.. అదే దిశగా త్వరలో మంత్రులు, ఎమ్మెల్సీలతో కలిసి ప్రత్యేక కార్యాచరణ రూపొందించాలని నిర్ణయించినట్టు తెలుస్తోంది. మంత్రులతో కలిసి పెద్ద ఎత్తున ప్రజాప్రతినిధులంతా ఢిల్లీ వెళితే బాగుంటుందని కొందరు సూచించారు. త్వరలో పార్లమెంటు బడ్జెట్ సమావేశాలు ప్రారంభం కానున్న సందర్భంగా వెళ్లాలనే అభిప్రాయం వ్యక్తమైనప్పటికీ మంత్రులతో భేటీ తరువాతనే ఓ నిర్ణయానికి రావాలని తేల్చేశారు. అవసరమైతే రాజీనామాలకు వెనుకాడమనే సంకేతాలను ప్రజల్లోకి తీసుకెళ్లాలని మంచిదని భావిస్తున్నారు. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర సాధన కోసం మంత్రులు, ఎంపీలు, ఎమ్మెల్సీలతో కలిసి పోరాడతామని, రాజీనామాలు సహా ఏ త్యాగానికైనా తాము సిద్ధంగా ఉన్నామని గండ్ర స్పష్టం చేశారు.

నెల రోజుల్లో తెలంగాణపై తేల్చేస్తామని చెప్పిన కేంద్రం నిర్ణయాన్ని వాయిదా వేయడం వల్ల తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతంలోని కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలపై ప్రజల ఆగ్రహం వ్యక్తం చేస్తున్నారు. కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ తెలంగాణ ఇస్తుందనే భావనతో ఉన్న తెలంగాణ ప్రజలకు.. కేంద్రం తీరు అశనిపాతంగా మారిందనే విషయాన్ని లేఖ ద్వారా పార్టీ అధ్యక్షురాలు సోనియాగాంధీ దృష్టికి తీసుకువెళ్లాలని తాజా భేటిలో నేతలు నిర్ణయించారు. తెలంగాణ కోసం వందలాది మంది యువకులు ఆత్మహత్య చేసుకుంటున్నారని, సత్వరమే తెలంగాణకు అనుకూలంగా నిర్ణయం తీసుకుని ఈ ప్రాంత ప్రజల ఆకాంక్షలను నెరవేర్చాలని ఆ లేఖలో కోరుదామని నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నారు.

వివిధ రూపాల్లో ఒత్తిడి తేవాలనే అంశంపై తెలంగాణ కాంగ్రెస్ ఎమ్మెల్యేలు మల్లగుల్లాలు పడటం, లేఖలు రాయడానికే పరిమితవుతున్నారని తెలంగాణవాదుల ఆరోపణ. రాబోయే అసెంబ్లీ సమావేశాలను స్తంభింపజేయడంతో పాటు అవసరమైతే రాజీనామాలు చేస్తే ఏ విధంగా ఉంటుందనే అంశంపై చర్చలు జరపడం మినహా తాడోపేడో తేల్చుకోవడంపై కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలకు వెనకంజ వేస్తున్నారని ఇతర పార్టీల నేతలు విమర్శిస్తున్నారు. హడావిడిగా సమావేశాలు పెట్టడం, ఎలాంటి త్యాగాలకైనా సిద్ధం, భవిష్యత్ కార్యాచరణ కోసం మరోసారి భేటి అవుతామని ఊక దంపుడు ఉపన్యాసాలు చెప్పడం వినేవారికి, చూసేవారికి విసుగు తెప్పిస్తొంది. ఇలాంటి చవకబారు రాజకీయాలకు స్వస్తి చెప్పి.. ప్రజల, యువకుల్లో ఆత్వవిశ్వాసాన్ని దెబ్బతీసే చర్యలకు కాంగ్రెస్ తెలంగాణ ప్రాంత నేతలు ఇకనైనా పుల్ స్టాప్ పెడితే మంచిదని పలువురు సూచిస్తున్నారు.

T Cong MLAs break their silence-Threaten To Quit Assembly If Decision On Telangana Is Delayed Further

Spelling trouble for the Kiran Kumar Reddy Govt,10 Congress MLAs from Telangana on Friday announced that they would not hesitate to take the extreme step of resigning from the state Assembly if the Centre indefinitely postpones taking a decision on T. The threat from the T Congress MLAs comes at a time when the CM has been claiming that he has been able to rein in all the party elected representatives from the region except seven MPs on the separate state demand.Breaking their long silence,the MLAs met in the CLP office on Friday and decided to hold a larger meeting with the T- ministers, MLCs and MPs before the commencement of the budget session in March. In a belated appeal nearly ten days after AICC Gen Secy Ghulam Nabi Azad made it clear that there was no deadline on the T-, MLAs G Venkataramana Reddy, chief whip, P Anil Kumar (whip),K Sridhar,B Bikshamaiah Goud,A Maheswar Reddy,VM Abraham, Ch Muthyam Reddy,T Narasa Reddy,T Nandiswar Goud and P Krista Reddy urged the party leadership to announce the Telangana decision as early as possible.

They, however, were hopeful that the Congress would not go back on its commitment to accord statehood to T.We are not disappointed with the Centre for not keeping its word on announcing its decision on the separate state demand before January 28.That is because we are hopeful that the present consultations will lead to a positive decision soon, they said. The T-Congress,once a very active group in the region,is now a divided lot.The party leaders in the region are divided into various factions such as MPs,ministers,MLAs-MLCs and senior leaders with each group disagreeing with the other.While the MPs are open critics of Kiran Kumar Reddy,the MLAs are primarily seen as loyal to him.The ministers,led by K Jana Reddy,always tread the middle path.The MLCs,though vocal in their support to Telangana,are a minority in the party. Among the Rajya Sabha MPs,V Hanumantha Rao is his own group while Ananda Bhaskar is non-committal on the issue while Palvai Goverdhan Reddy heads an extremist pro-Telangana group of senior leaders in the region such as K R Amos,K Yadava Reddy etc.

Sources said the T Congress MLAs were forced to make their stance public in favour of T after the announcement of the resignation of the MPs and the growing attacks on the Congress leaders. A wider meeting is being planned with the ministers,MPs and MLCs to discuss the latest situation on the Telangana,said Gandra.Speaking to the media after the meeting,the chief whip said all the peoples representatives from the T Congress were planning to write a letter to party Sonia Gandhi urging her to take an early decision on T. The results of the recent elections for primary agricultural cooperative societies (PACS) have reflected the peoples aspirations in the regions.The victory of the ruling party candidates shows that Telangana people have confidence in the Congress leadership, he said.The chief whip said they would request the party to honor this sentiment of the Telangana people by announcing an early and favourable decision. When asked if they would also submit resignations like the T-Congress MPs,Gandra said that would be decided based on the partys attitude towards the resignations of the MPs.All these issues would come up for discussion in the next meeting of the T-Congress elected representatives from Telangana,he added.
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Restrain Telangana Cong MPs,Kiran urges high command -Says Telangana Region Calm Even After The Expiry Of Deadline

Chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddys two-day trip to Delhi was primarily aimed at containing the seven party MPs from Telangana,who in his view,are lending credibility to the activities of the TRS and TJAC.Kiran Kumar Reddy also told the party leadership that Telangana was calm and there had been no disturbance whatsoever in the region even after the Centre made it clear that there was no deadline for taking a decision on Telangana,sources said. Blaming the T-Congress MPs for making noise on Telangana,the CM urged party president Sonia Gandhi,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as well as the other leaders he met in Delhi on Monday and Tuesday to restrain T Congress MPs Madhu Yaski Goud,Manda Jagannatham,Ponnam Prabhakar,Gutha Sukhender Reddy,K Rajagopal Reddy, S Rajaiah and G Vivekananad from making provocative statements.The MPs,who recently sent their resignations from the Lok Sabha to the party president,have been vocal in attacking Kiran Kumar Reddy for what they called his anti-Telangana policies.

Sources claimed that the CM raised three points,namely lack of agitation in the region,falling in line of the Congress MLAs and ministers from the region and the results of the cooperative polls in which Jaganmohan Reddys party ended up as a poor third,to demonstrate the efficacy of the strategies he had followed in the recent past. He has urged the party leadership to prevent the T-Congress MPs from extending their support to the JAC and TRS activities to facilitate further consolidation of the party in the region, the sources told TOI.In his reports,the chief minister also narrated how he had successfully reined in the party MLAs from the region and even prevented them from participating in the meetings called by the vocal separatist ministers and MPs.Kiran Kumar also took credit for the alleged silence of the T-ministers and many senior leaders on the separate state demand. Painting the seven T Congress MPs as the culprits,the CM reportedly said that all the permissions to the T-rallies and marches had to be given because these MPs and some senior leaders were participating in these activities.In every activity by the T supporters,a major role has been played by the T-Congress MPs. Their participation is lending credence to the activities of the TJAC and other political bodies. High lighting present peaceful situation in Telangana,the CM told the party leaders that the T-talk has been limited to only 4 of 10 T districts, namely Karimnagar,Nizamabad,Medak and Warangal.

Modi pitches for vibrant India,positions himself for 2014 polls -Applause Inside SRCC,Heated Protests Outside

New Delhi: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi made a powerful entry on the national centrestage by aggressively hawking his Gujarat model of development and governance as an alternative to the ruling coalition at the Centre,claiming his way would lift the despair enveloping the country and help it realize its potential. Modis forceful performance at the countrys top commerce college Shri Ram College of Commerce and the response it got from his youthful audience is likely to add to  momen-tum already building up within the BJP for his formal projection as the partys prime ministerial candidate even at the cost of losing Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar as an ally.

It was Modis first public appearance in Delhi since his third straight victory in Gujarat and it came amid steadily growing indications about the larger Sangh Parivar tilting towards showcasing him as the BJPs counter to Rahul Gandhi for the 2014 match up.

Narendra Modi-fies his role as pro-growth visionary
Modi made full use of the opportunity as he flaunted the growth Gujarat has clocked under his watch. He did not attack the UPA directly, but projected a forward-looking vision to connect with what is loosely referred to as aspirational India the constituency of youth which is perceived to be up for grabs because of disillusionment with Congress. He appeared to have pitched it right,with the speech telecast live by all the networks receiving repeated applause from the college stadium packed to the rafters.The BJP leader was greeted with cheers when he reached the venue.Outside,though,there was a large group of protesters and a strong police contingent used lathi charges and water cannon to keep it at bay. For many, the demonstration was evidence of Modi being a polarising presence because of the 2002 Gujarat riots: something which is cited by his rivals within the BJP as well as allies such as Nitish Kumar to argue that he does not have prime ministerial credentials.

But the cheers that Modi evoked from SRCC students group with predisposition for entrepreneurship and economic growth,reinforced the argument of the faction which says that only he can bring in the additional votes that BJP needs to overtake Congress decisively.This faction now appears to have gained an upper hand in the leadership debate. The actual leadership drill is set to start next month when BJP holds meetings of its national executive and national council.His foray into the Capital on Wednesday showed that Modi was game for the challenge.Coming after his visit to Rajasthan for a wedding and his plan to visit Allahabad for the Maha Kumbh on March 12,the outing at SRCC showed that speculation about a national role may have encouraged the chief minister,so far comfortably ensconced in Gujarat,to venture farther afield.

The criticism of vote-bank politics appeared tailor-made for the throng that routinely despairs at the premium placed on identity politics a short shrift to merit.If the focus on development brought out the eagerness of the man to leave 2002 behind and to be judged on the secular parameters of growth, investment and development, Modis attempt to tap into the aspiration-driven youth was quite evident. There are those who consider you the new age voter,but for me,you are the new age power who can help India realise the glory Vivekananda had envisioned, he said. Modi started off by painting himself as an unrepentant optimist.For me,the glass is always full, he declared,waving the tumbler kept for him at the lectern.The we-can-do-it theme ran through the nearly hour-long speech,with Modi asserting that the 21st century would be Indias and declaring that the country can overtake China in manufacturing. The effort to showcase his progrowth credentials had him dipping into the nitty-gritty of packaging and benefits of brand building.Modi said 121 countries and business houses accounting for the 50% of Indias GDP had gathered under one roof for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit and that too,at just 11 days notice.

Why Modi chose SRCC 

The venue for Narendra Modis address to the Capitals youth, Sri Ram College of Commerce, was carefully chosen. SRCC is a specialized college offering just 2 courses commerce and economics and its students are likely to be pre-disposed in favour of economic development: in other words,the pitch Modi was to make his speech. It is uncertain whether Modi would have had as sympathetic  audience in other colleges of Delhi University, especially those that are strong in the liberal arts. SRCC, founded by a leading business family of Delhi,has had an extremely high cut-off for admission.

Modi conveniently forgot Guj riots: Cong 

Congress slammed Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi for patting his own back with misleading achievements and asked why he chose to skip the 2002 riots in his address.I&B Minister Manish Tewari said, I am surprised the CM in his entire speech made no reference of Gujarat pogrom which continues to be a blot on the fair name of the state."He said Modi had also not made any reference to atoning for the riots.

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Hyderabad,water sharing key to T: Kiran to high command : Its Now Botsa,Guv Turn To Untangle T Knot

A clear resolution on the status of Hydbad and sharing of the water resources among 3 regions must be arrived at first before a decision is taken on T. This is what chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy reportedly conveyed to the Congress high command during his discussions with them during the last 2 days. On Tuesday,the CM met PM Manmohan Singh, HM Sushilkumar Shinde and senior leader Vayalar Ravi. Kiran Kumar had met Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and AICC Gen Secy Ghulam Nabi Azad among others on Monday. These talks are being touted as the final round of consultations on the T issue and other leaders including Guv ESL Narasimhan and PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana are likely to be summoned in the coming days, sources said.

But it became clear that Congress is nowhere near finding a solution to the vexed T issue. The high command leaders are still speaking of options like granting separate state or constituting T territorial council. By this, it becomes clear that they still have not been able to assess as to what is the thinking among the people of 3 regions on the separate state demand and granting of what would revive the electoral fortunes of the Congress in the state, said the sources. It was in this context that CM told Sonia and the other leaders that a decision on T and sharing of water resources should be taken first before going into the issues of whether to grant a separate state or form a council with limited finan-cial powers and autonomy. The people of R/seema and Andhra regions are very concerned as to what would be the status of Hyderabad in the new scenario and how the water resources would be shared. Any decision on Twithout addressing these two issues can lead to disastrous consequences for the region as well as the state, the sources quoted the CM as telling the party president.

The pro-Tparties including the TRS and BJP are agreeable for Hyderabad to remain a joint capital for the two states for a limited period of time,but the Seemandhra leaders want Hyderabad to be kept out of the new Telangana state.On the issue of sharing of water resources,especially the Krishna and Godavari waters, there has been no discussions or demands put forth as yet by the respective regions.
The Congress high command also held talks with former chief minister and TN Guv K Rosaiah on the Telangana issue on Monday.Kiran Kumar returned to Hyderabad from Delhi on Tuesday night and a confused Congress leadership is slated to continue talks with other leaders from the state in order to find a solution to the Telangana tangle.

Botsa is expected to reach Delhi in a day or two. He was expected in the Capital on Tuesday itself, but the absence of Ghulam Nabi Azad is said to have delayed his trip. Similarly,Guv Narasimhan is to land here on February 9. Though Narasimhan is visiting Delhi in connection with the governors conference on February 10 and 11, he is also likely to give inputs to the UPA leadership on T issue.


Congress leadership still toying with the idea of T-territorial council, Sharing of Godavari, Krishna
waters among the 3 regions remains a thorny issue. Seemandhra people concerned about the status of Hyderabad .


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