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Opposition has too many skeletons in cupboard: PM

On the eve of parliament's monsoon session, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Sunday sought to take the wind out of sails of the opposition on the 2G spectrum allocation row, saying it had "too many skeletons in its cupboard" and that it should not "pre-judge" a matter that is sub-judice. "We are not afraid of discussing the issue of corruption. The opposition also has too many skeletons in its cupboard. We are not afraid of discussing any issue in parliament," Manmohan Singh, who came to Parliament House to attend an all-party meeting convened by Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, told reporters on the sidelines of the event. "There are some matters, which are in the courts and being investigated by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). I sincerely hope that the matters which are in courts should be left to be decided by courts and we should not pre-judge the issue," Singh said.

His remarks came as the Bharatiya Janata Party and the AIADMK trained guns on the PM and Home Minister P. Chidambaram after former communications minister A. Raja alleged that they had the knowledge of his actions on the 2G spectrum allocation.

On social activist Anna Hazare's threat to go on a fast from Aug 16 in protest a "weak" Lokpal bill approved by the cabinet for parliament's consideration, the prime minister said the bill's fate will be decided by parliament. Our government has taken a view taking all factors into account. It is not advisable to bring the prime minister (under) the purview of the Lokpal except when he demits office," Singh said when asked about civil society members' demand for bringing the prime minister within the ambit of ombudsman.

"On MPs and legislators from Andhra Pradesh's Telangana region resigning over the statehood demand, Manmohan Singh hoped that the government would overcome the issue. Noting that the government was "prepared" to discuss all issues in parliament, he said: "It is my sincere hope that this session of parliament will be peaceful, will be productive. Parliament is the supreme democratic institution of the country".

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తెలంగాణ సమస్యను అధిగమిస్తాం!

ప్రధాన మంత్రితెలంగాణ సమస్యపై దేశ ప్రధాన మంత్రి మన్మోహన్ సింగ్ ఎట్టకేలకు నోరు విప్పారు. ప్రత్యేక తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాన్ని డిమాండ్ చేస్తూ తెలంగాణ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ నేతలు రాజీనామాలు చేసిన నేపథ్యంలో తెలంగాణ సమస్యను తమ ప్రభుత్వం అధిగమిస్తుందని ప్రధాని ఆశాభావం వ్యక్తం చేశారు. ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్రం కావాలంటూ తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతానికి చెందిన అన్ని రాజకీయ పార్టీలకు చెందిన ప్రజా ప్రతినిధులు రాజీనామా చేసి పోరుబాట పట్టిన విషయం తెల్సిందే.

రాష్ట్రపతి ప్రతిభాపాటిల్ ని ప్రధాన మంత్రి మన్మోహన్ సింగ్ ఈ రోజు కలిశారు. పార్లమెంటు సమావేశాలపై వారు చర్చించారు. అనంతరం మీడియా ప్రతినిధులతో మాట్లాడుతూ అవినీతి, తెలంగాణ, రైతు సమస్యలు వంటి ఎన్నో అంశాలపై ప్రతిపక్షాలు కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వాన్ని నిలదీయాలని భావిస్తున్న నేపథ్యంలో పార్లమెంట్ సమావేశాలు సజావుగా సాగాలని ఆశించారు. అలాగే లోక్‌‌పాల్ బిల్లుపై పార్లమెంట్ తగిన నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటుందన్నారు.
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Now,3-state theory to muddle T-This Is One Of The Options Being Considered By Party High Command

Realizing that Hyderabad is becoming a major bone of contention between the regions,the party high command wants to spread more confusion by championing the three state theory.Congress sources claimed that this is one of the options that is being considered and is part of the report that PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana submitted to the high command last week.The sources claimed the trifurcation of the state would eliminate all the claims of other regions over Hyderabad as it is not possible to keep the city as the joint capital for three states.Even though Seemandhra leaders are getting ready to meet Azad as a team from Samaikhyandhra,Azad told the media in New Delhi on Thursday that he had invited separate groups from Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra.

He indicated that it would be a fivemember team from Rayalaseema and 10-member team from Coastal Andhra.According to sources,Azad had already been briefed about the latent demand for separate Rayalseema and that the high command wants to use it to counter the Telangana demand. PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana is said to have submitted a report to Azad last week on different views of party leaders on the division or keeping state undivided.The confidential report is said to have categorically mentioned that Rayalaseema people would not like to sail with Andhra region in case there was any division.Botsa had reportedly indicated in his report that the separate Rayalaseema demand would surge forth once the high command takes a decision in favor of carving Telangana state.

Lending credence to this view,minor irrigation minister T G Venkatesh, a vocal opponent of the division of the state, said he would go in for separate Rayalaseema state if division was thrust on us. Venkatesh, who represents Kurnool,the then capital city of Andhra when it was separated from composite Madras state in 1953,says he has a solution for the present crisis in the state. Establishing three capitals for the three regions is the best option to avoid the division.When J&K has two capitals,why cant we Even Maharashtra has overcome the Vidharbha issue by deciding to convene the Assembly from Nagpur for three months, he said.

Elaborating the concept,he said three capitals would develop into independent cities in ten years time. Let us review the situation after ten years.Since every region has a separate capital,division of the state, if people wanted,would not be a painful decision,at least as painful as it feels now, he said. Venkatesh said he wants to present a separate report on his plan to Azad when the Samaikhyandhra leaders meet Azad in August.We want to meet Azad as a Samaikhyandhra team.Then,I would give a presentation on my views on Rayalaseema.If Azad insists on separate Rayalseema,first I want to present my plan for keeping the state united and later opt for trifurcation if the division is inevitable, he said.

Stressing the need for a second capital in Rayalaseema as compensation for its loss in 1956,Venkatesh added that he would demand an economic package for Rayalaseema if one was announced to Telangana.Education minister S Sailajanath also said there would not be a separate Rayalaseema team for talks with Azad.We all will participate as the team of Samaikhyandhra peoples representatives.If anybody wants to demand separate Rayalaseema,they can do so separately.Anything that leads to bifurcation of state is not negotiable, Sailajanath said.

However,the T-leaders are firm on their demand.We are not bothered about the number of states and their capitals.What we want is a Telangana state with Hyderabad as the capital, said Nizamabad MP Madhu Goud Yaski.

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Have open mind on the Telangana solution: Ghulam Nabi Azad

July 27, 2011 19:56 IST

New Delhi: Union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that he has a fresh and open mind in resolving the Telangana crisis; Mr Azad is talking of a "specific dialogue". He even went to the extent of saying that it's not just the Srikrishna Report that should be considered but a fresh mindset needs to be developed in finding a solution to this restive issue. "Everything is open and it's for the representatives to put forward their arguments - both for and against. We are looking forward to a more specific dialogue. They have been sent here by the people, so whatever they'll speak here we'll take that into cognizance," Mr Azad said.

"I think the representatives are free to say anything because these representatives have their own aspirations for a separate state; the representatives from other regions will have their own point of view. So, we are trying to find out a meeting point. Let's see, I'll try to conclude this in two months and we'll see which the areas of difference are and which are the areas of convergence," he added. Mr Azad who is in charge of Andhra Pradesh for his party had said that discussions on carving out a separate Telangana state should begin from scratch. Those remarks had upset Telangana leaders. Then, in an attempt at pacification, Mr Azad had said that consultations will be held with party leaders from coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana.
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T employees plan stir from Aug 17

The Telangana employee JAC has announced plans for an indefinite strike from August 17,if the Centre fails to make a concrete assurance on the formation of Telangana state in the next fortnight.The employee JAC,consisting of employees from government departments,state and central public sector undertakings, teachers,lecturers,university teachers and non-teaching staff,municipal and panchayat workers and several peoples organizations, met here on Tuesday.The joint action committee at its meeting announced a series of programmes to keep the movements tempo over the next fortnight,including a pen-down strike from August 8 to 11.
Roy bats for T cause 

Booker Prize winner and rights activist Arundhati Roy has expressed her support to the movement for separate Telangana state. In a letter written to Manjira Writers Forum (Marasama) on Monday, she, however,cautioned that the separate state should not fall into the same trap as the other newly formed states,which she alleges have been vying to suppress peoples movements. Roy was to be in the city to attend a meeting of writers in Siddipet on Sunday and Monday,but was not able to do so due to other pressing engagements in Delhi.In her letter to the secretary of the writers forum, Devi Prasad,she said: Societies do have a right to self-determination &demand for Telangana is a valid democratic demand.
RESENTMENT OVER TRS-DRIVEN AGENDA - Kodandaram losing sway over OU campus

About 20 students led by Osmania University students JAC met Prof M Kodandaram, the political JAC convener for Telangana,on Monday and demanded that he consult them before deciding any student-related agitation including educational bandhs hereafter.The formal meeting saw a public demonstration of the growing resentment in the OU student community against the political JAC chief who is currently spearheading the T agitation.And what more,several faculty members of the university,too,share the students feelings,sending out indications that Kodandaram is no longer seen as a respected a leader as before on his own campus i.e., Osmania University.

The students and the faculty members of OU say that the Telangana agitation is largely becoming TRS-driven under the guidance of Kodandaram.The groups that have come out in the open against the political JAC leader on the OU campus include Peoples Democratic Students Union (PDSU),Dalit and BC student unions,SC & ST Telangana Teachers Forum,Osmania University Teachers Front and also some sections of the OU students JAC. The students aver that the political JAC,which was formed after OU-JAC,has hijacked the agitation and is steering it towards what seems to be a T stalemate.In the most recent case,the political JAC called for an educational bandh and it wasnt successful.The bandh was called without consulting the students unions on OU campus and other Telangana campuses, said M Krishank,the OU-JAC spokesperson.We need to know who is taking decisions in the political JAC and why students and faculty members of OU are not being consulted before calling for bandhs, he added.Some of the faculty members of the university who are in fact part of Telangana political JAC are also not called for meetings and discussions,sources said.

Sources said that the rift between Kodandaram and students is now widening on caste lines,particularly after the Harish Rao incident in Andhra Bhawan,New Delhi. Soon after television channels flashed images of Harish Rao slapping a Dalit staff member of Andhra Bhavan in New Delhi,the students in OU held a protest even as Kodandaram maintained that the incident could not be classified as a case of caste discrimination.The Harish Rao incident did not go down well with most SC students who have played a crucial role in the Telangana movement on OU campus.

Faculty members said that Kodandaram,who used to command respect in all faculty circles when he was the president of Telangana Vidyavanthula Vedika before 2009,is now being looked down upon for being close to the TRS wing.The TRS never had any support base on campus.And anyone who is overtly associated with TRS is considered to be a turncoat on OU campus.Owing to his pro-TRS stand which is becoming more visible by the day,Prof Kodandaram has lost the support he used to enjoy on OU campus before 2009, said Prof Mallesham.

Consensus must,cant thrust T decision on parties: PC

Home minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday indicated that a decision on separate state of Telangana was unlikely in the near future in the absence of a consensus among political parties in Andhra Pradesh.The minister said parties in AP must help the Centre find a solution to Telangana issue but they are divided and a solution cannot be thrust down their throats. Chidambaram said,This is a unique situation where political parties in Andhra Pradesh are divided down the middle.Congress,TDP,CPI,CPM are all divided. The only party which claims to be undivided is BJP because it has only two members. He added,"We cannot thrust a solution down the throats of political parties who represent the people. He  said so far as the Congress party was concerned,the effort was to unite the party and find a solution that was acceptable to all Congress MPs and MLAs.This was what was being tried by his colleague and Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. "The other parties must all do the same thing.For example,Telugu Desam must try to do the same thing.Unite all TD members to find an agreed solution.It is easy to say you have not found a solution but anyone who tells us we have not found a solution has no solution either,"he said.

On critics accusing him of going back on the promise of Telangana,he said,The government took a position and as Home minister I made the statement on Dec 9,2009 and then when protests broke out in other parts of AP,the government reconsidered the matter and revised its position and I made the second statement on Dec 23,2009. I was speaking on behalf of the government.So if it is anyones case that the Home minister can unilaterally announce or withdraw an announcement one must be very nave to think so, he said.
No more resignations,say T Congmen -Settle For Dialogue With Azad, Claiming High Command Is Serious About Resolving T Issue

Unable to agree as to what should be done with regard to the rejection of their resignation letters by assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar, T Congress leaders on Tuesday decided to skip the whole issue altogether and,instead,focus on the talks with AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad,with whom they have scheduled yet another meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday. While the TRS legislators have yet again submitted their resignations to the speaker,the TDP Telangana Forum leaders are awaiting the decision of the Telangana Congress leaders to submit their quit letters once again so that they can follow suit. However,it became clear on Tuesday that the T Congress leaders were through with the resignation drama. For the record,one leader said they were satisfied with the way Azad was handling the T trouble in the party,but indicated that they would not hesitate to resign if the situation warranted.

Skirting the resignation issue on which the T Congress is a divided house,the leaders said the talks on the separate state are more important than the resignations. Claiming that the high command is serious about finding a solution to the Telangana issue in two or three months,BC welfare minister Basavaraj Saraiah said: We are satisfied with the talks. Participating in the T-Congress flag festival in Warangal, Saraiah,who returned from New Delhi on Tuesday morning to launch the festival,said the party would carry forward the Telangana movement in a Gandhian way.When asked about the resignations,he said the quit letters were submitted in the proper format and that they would consult legal experts on the legality of the rejection.

Nizamabad MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi told TOI: We are not going back on the resignations.Resignations for the sake of resignations do not serve any purpose.They should be part of an overall strategy.We will press for the acceptance of the resignations the moment we perceive any attempt by the partys central leaders to divert the attention from the core issue of Telangana. Thus given a way out by the party high command,the T leaders of Congress,who had earlier thundered that that they would take part in the talks only if a positive decision on Telangana was announced first,have now climbed down and agreed for a dialogue.

According to sources,many of the leaders who are still in New Delhi,have sought the services of R Vidyasagar Rao,former chief engineer of Central Water Commission,to advise them on the sharing of vital assets once the state is divided. Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkata Reddy told TOI from Delhi that their Tuesday night meeting with Azad was a step forward in the direction of finding a solution to the Telangana problem.This time,the party high command appears to be really serious about the state formation.They want to address all the contentious issues of the Telangana demand.The talks are going in the right direction, Reddy,who is a member of the steering committee,said.On Wednesday at their scheduled meeting with Azad,the T-Congress leaders are expected to raise two issues pertaining to the status of Hyderabad and matters relating to irrigation.

There is no controversy over Hyderabad. It is an inseparable part of Telangana.We will first demand a commitment on this from Azad.Then we can address the fears and apprehensions expressed by those opposing the division of the state and evolve the safeguards needed to protect their interests, said B Kamalakar Rao,a PCC spokesperson who is involved in the preparation of the reports for Wednesdays meeting. But the point that the T Congress leaders seem to miss is that the division of the state and sharing of assets cannot be decided by a party functionary.There are serious issues which require the people running the government to ponder over.No AICC functionary can give assurances on such vital issues, said one state government official.

Major Climbdown

The T Congress leaders,who have earlier thundered that they would not take back resignations and agree to talks unless the high command gave a positive assurance on T,now aver that resignations would not serve any purpose.In case a positive outcome is unlikely,they will press for acceptance of their resignations,they say

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సీమాంధ్రులకు హైదరాబాద్ అంటే మోజు.. ఇచ్చేద్దాం: వీహెచ్

ఆదివారం, 24 జులై 2011( 18:55 IST )

రాష్ట్ర శాసనసభ స్పీకర్ తెలంగాణా ప్రజాప్రతినిధుల రాజీనామాలన్నిటినీ మూకుమ్మడిగా తిరస్కరించిన అనంతరం మంత్రి జానారెడ్డి ఇంట్లో టి.కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలు సమావేశమయ్యారు. సుదీర్ఘంగా మంతనాలు జరిపారు. భవిష్యత్‌లో ఎటువంటి కార్యచరణ అవలంభించాలన్నదానిపై మంతనాలు సాగించారు. తెలంగాణా కాంగ్రెస్ నేతల సమావేశానికి తొలిసారిగా రాజ్యసభ సభ్యుడు వి.హనుమంతరావు హాజరయ్యారు. సమావేశంలో ఆయన మాట్లాడుతూ... సీమాంధ్రులకు హైదరాబాద్ సిటీ అంటే ఎంతో మోజనీ, మరీ ముఖ్యంగా హైటెక్ సిటీ అంటే వాళ్లకు చెప్పలేనంత అభిమానమని అన్నారు. సహజంగానే ఇంత అభివృద్ధి చేసిన తర్వాత ఒక్కసారిగా వెళ్లమంటే వెళ్లిపోవడం ఎవరి వల్లా కాదనీ, కనుక ఓ పదేళ్లపాటు హైదరాబాద్ నగరాన్ని ఉమ్మడి రాజధానిగా చేసి ఆ తర్వాత హైదరాబాద్‌ను వదిలేయాలని చెబితే సరిపోతుందన్నారు.

ఏలాగూ అప్పట్లోగా సీమాంధ్ర రాజధాని అభివృద్ధి చెందుతుంది కనుక నగరాన్ని వదిలేయడానికి వాళ్లు కూడా సిద్ధంగానే ఉంటారని అభిప్రాయపడ్డారు. ఇదే అభిప్రాయాన్ని ఎంపీ వివేక్ కూడా వ్యక్తపరిచారు. అయితే మిగిలిన నేతలు మాత్రం దీనిపై ఎటువంటి స్పందనను తెలియజేయలేదు. రాష్ట్ర కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ వ్యవహారాలు ఇన్‌ఛార్జి గులాంనబీ ఆజాద్‌తో మాట్లాడిన తర్వాత ఏదైనా చెపుతామని వెల్లడించారు.
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Manohar rejects resignations,Telangana legislators up in arms - TRS Dubs Speakers Move Unethical,Cong MLAs To Quit Again

On a politically quiet Saturday, speaker Nadendla Manohar dropped a bombshell by rejecting all the 101 resignations of the Telangana legislators before flying off to London in the evening.The speakers office faxed Manohars decision to the media.It said the speaker has rejected the resignations of all the MLAs on the ground that they were done under emotional stress and pressure and that Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar was consulted on it.

Quickly condemning the speakers decision, all the Telangana parties were up in arms.The Telangana Forum of the TDP has called for an emergency session on Sunday morning.TRS called it unethical, undemocratic and unfortunate while the Telangana Congress leaders said they would submit the quit letters again. Telangana Political JAC convenor M Kodandaram demanded that Manohar should quit for having buckled under pressure from the UPA government and the Seemaandhra leaders. Almost all the parties said the decision was unilateral.

Whatever campaigns or agitations that the Telangana leaders undertake,the person at the centre of the decision would be away in London attending a speakers conference.According to sources,Manohar would be away till the middle of August.The speakers decision caught all the political parties by surprise.The Telangana Forum of the TDP,TRS,Congress and BJP have called for meetings on Sunday.Some of them are likely to submit their resignations again to the legislative assembly secretary on Sunday. Congress sources said this was the ruling partys answer to the resignations move which it perceived to be masterminded by TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao.By rejecting the resignations,the high command has undone what KCR engineered,and also given a way out for the Telangana Congress leaders who quit, they said.

Sources said some of the parties may check the legal option of challenging the decision in the court,but the speakers office is said to be confident of the legality of their decision.The Telangana Congress leaders are likely to reconsider their scheduled visit to New Delhi on Monday while the other parties are likely to announce their next plan of action on Sunday. According to police sources,the recent developments culminating in the rejection of the resignations could give common cause to all the parties and outfits championing the Telangana cause to come together.Meanwhile,chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy is scheduled to go to Nellore on Sunday for a two-day visit.
TALKS WITH AZAD - Jana, Keshava to head T panel

Even as AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad made an unscheduled stop in the city on his way to Gulbarga,after much squabbling,the T-Congress leaders on Saturday announced a 22-member panel to hold discussions with Azad on the contentious separate state issue.The talks are scheduled to begin in New Delhi on Monday. Panchayat Raj minister K Jana Reddy and Rajya Sabha MP K Keshava Rao are the chairmen of the panel.Releasing the list,Jana Reddy said a team of 12 members would be chosen from this list for the talks with Azad depending on the subjects that come up for negotiations.The panel has four ministers,eight MPs,six MLAs and two MLCs.

Meanwhile,the T Congress leaders said the Monday meeting Azad would be the last one and that any discussions after that can only be about the modalities on carving out separate T state.The situation in New Delhi for creation of separate T state appears to be bleak now.The high command is postponing a decision in the name of negotiations.So we will have no option but to go to the people after getting our resignations accepted, several T-Congress leaders told STOI on condition of anonymity.

After promising Telangana from every forum including election meetings,assembly and Parliament,the Presidental address,home ministers statement to the nation on December 9,the Congress high command now wants to disown the past,and start negotiations afresh.This is nothing but reneging on the Telangana state and will lead to disastrous consequences for the Congress in Telangana, the leaders warned.

Starting negotiations afresh means the end of the road for the Congress in Telangana,they said,adding that the stance of the party central leadership will give a new lease of life to parties like the TDP. The T-Congress leaders suspect that the major opposition party may spring another surprise by making their two MPs,Nama Nageshwar Rao (Khammam ) and Ramesh Rathod (Adilabad ) meet Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar to request her to accept their resignations.According to T-Congress sources,if their resignations are accepted and the two TRS MPs too follow suit,the Congress members would be in a soup.It would force us to press for the acceptance of our resignations too, they said.

The T-Congress leaders,who participated in the discussions with Azad on Thursday and Friday,asserted that the Monday meeting is going to be the final meeting as for as the T-Congress is concerned.There is nothing new to explain on T issue.Telangana and withdrawal of resignations are non-negotiable.Every member present in the last two meetings made it clear to Azad.Mondays meeting will be the final meeting.The next meeting,if any,will be only after the announcement of Telangana, one leader said.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PM,Sonia discuss T resignations

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday held discussions on the Telangana demand and on resignation of party MPs from the region ahead of monsoon session of Parliament. Sources said Congress general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad has been asked to hold fresh talks with party MPs who have tendered their resignation to the Speaker,resenting the delay in the formation of a separate state. The hour-long meeting was attended by members of the Congress core group,including finance minister Pranab Mukherjee,home minister P Chidambaram and Sonias political secretary Ahmed Patel.

Meanwhile,Telangana Congress leaders and Ghulam Nabi Azad met on Friday and agreed to meet again on Monday to continue the talks. In the two meetings,first between Azad and K Keshava Rao and K Jana Reddy and later including all the 30-odd leaders,the high command continued to insist on the need for further consultations with the people of all the three regions while the latter said the only talk possible was on the modalities of the division.Finally,they agreed to meet again on Monday evening. But there was chaos earlier within the Congress ranks.The leaders spent the entire day deciding who all should be part of the delegation,as each wanted to be considered.Finally,KK and Jana Reddy were sent.According to sources,after some discussions,the other T leaders also joined in the talks with Azad.




Friday, July 22, 2011


T netas go violent in Delhi - Beat Up Official For Disallowing Youths Body At AP Bhavan

New Delhi/Hydbad: The suicide by Telangana youth Mandadi Yadi Reddy in the vicinity of Parliament on Wednesday brought the regional tensions in Andhra Pradesh to the national capital with TRS MLA T Harish Rao assaulting an official of the AP Bhavan for having recommended that the last rites of the youth be performed in Delhi itself.The Delhi developments had its fallout back in the state with the pro-Telangana outfits calling for a bandh in the region on Friday in protest against what they called the fascist behaviour of the state government towards Yadi Reddy. K Ramachandra Rao,OSD, accd,in AP Bhavan, was slapped and kicked by Harish Rao for having written a letter to Delhi police commissioner requesting that Yadi Reddys body be not brought to the bhavan and taken directly for cremation.

Yadi Reddy was not an orphan. His mother and brother have come to Delhi to collect the body. How can the state direct that the body be cremated in such circumstances. It is clearly an attempt by the anti-Telangana state government to prevent the TRS and Telangana Congress leaders from paying homage to Yadi Reddy at the AP Bhavan premises, TRS leader B Vinod Kumar told TOI from Delhi. Meanwhile, stunned by the assault on one of their officials,the employees of AP Bhavan went on a flash strike and demanded action against Harish Rao.
Police block media from entering airport

Hyderabad: In an unprecedented move,the Cyberabad police on Thursday did not allow Telangana activists and media to enter the airport premises when the body of Telangana activist Yadi Reddy arrived from New Delhi to be taken to his village in Moinabad in Ranga Reddy district.

The body of Yadi Reddy,who hanged himself near Parliament on Wednesday,was airlifted to the city on Thursday evening.The body arrived at the airport at 7.30 pm.However,media personnel and political activists reached the airport in huge numbers by 6.30 pm.Police personnel stopped them near the airport main gate and arrested 50 media and political activists,including TRS leader N Narasimha Reddy.The arrested persons were shifted to the Rajendranagar police station and were set free late in the night.

After arresting the media personnel and activists,police quickly transported the body via Srisailam Road,Tukkuguda,ORR and APPA to Pedamangalaram in Moinabad.Yadi Reddys final rites would be performed on Friday.

Cyberabad commissioner Ch Dwaraka Tirumala Rao said that no arrests were made.No one was even booked under Section 151 of the CrPC.We shifted some political activists and media personnel to a safe location (Rajendranagar police station) for their own safety as we had information that miscreants might cause damage to property and individuals.They were let off immediately, the commissioner said.

Over 1,000 police personnel,including RAF and paramilitary teams,were deployed around the airport on Thursday evening and the same were moved to Moinabad and surrounding areas for Fridays funeral procession bandobust.

With yet another bandh scheduled to take place in Hyderabad and other Telangana districts on Friday, the familiar fallout has unfolded. Petrol pumps and most private educational institutions have decided to stay shut.Theatre owners and shopping malls said they will take a call on staying open or shut on Friday morning. RTC and railway officials said they would decide on curtailing services only on Friday morning. Private cab operators and autos may ply as usual. Meanwhile,medical counselling slated for Friday has been postponed.
AP Bhavan staff protest TRS MLAs actions

A complaint was also lodged with the Tilak Marg police against TRS leaders Harish Rao,E Rajender and Vinod Kumar under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act (as Ramachandra Rao belongs to the SC community,and under the relevant IPC sections for attempt to murder,assaulting a government servant while performing his duty,and for disturbing peace and tranquility in government office premises.Later in the evening,the cops registered cases against the three leaders.We will not withdraw the cases, P Kiran Kumar,special officer,AP Information Centre,told TOI.

The Delhi drama began in the morning after a group of TRS leaders including Harish Rao,Sircilla MLA K Tarakarama Rao,Rajender and Vinod Kumar arrived in the Capital and proceeded to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital where Yadi Reddys body was kept after post-mortem.In the meantime,Telangana Congress MPs and MLAs,who also arrived in the Capital over the last 24 hours,visited the hospital and offered their homage to Yadi Reddy. After paying their respects,Harish Rao wanted to take the body to AP Bhavan to allow the people to pay their respects,but the Delhi Police personnel at the hospital produced a letter written by the AP Bhavan authorities recommending that the body not be brought to the Ashoka Road premises of the Bhavan and taken to the crematorium instead.

Enraged at this, the TRS leaders stormed into AP Bhavan and Harish Rao assaulted Ramachandra Rao after coming to know that it was he who had written the letter on behalf of resident commissioner Rajat Bhargava.Even as the AP Bhavan staff went on a flash strike in protest against the assault,the TRS leaders as well as those from the Telangana Congress sat on a dharna outside the AP Bhavan main gate.

Accompanied by mother Chandramma and others from the native village,the body of Yadi Reddy in the end came back to Hyderabad.

T-solution in two months - Meeting Inconclusive, Second Round Today

New Delhi: Congress general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad told Telangana Congress leaders not to go by media reports on the separate state issue and that no final decision has been taken on it. "Do not go by the media reports about who said what. My Beijing ramarks have been misrepresented in the media. So were the comments by Pranab Mukherjee", Azad told the leaders.

Acknowledging the importance of the issue, Azad is said to have assured the team that the objective of his dialogue was to resolve the issue in two months. "I will take your arguments to them (other region's leaders) and seek their opinion. Similarly,I will bring their apprehensions to you and take your opinions to them.After studying the various views,a final decision will be taken", he told them.

According to sources,in response,the T-Congress team told the high command that the mood of people of the region is such that nothing short of Telangana was acceptable to them. The team,consisting of MLAs, Ministers and MPs also informed him that any dialogue can only be about technicalities of the division.
The conveners of the steering committee,K Keshava Rao and Panchayat Raj minister K Jana Reddy allowed all the members to vent their feelings.

Initiating the talks, Civil supplies minister D Sridhar Babu told Azad that "Now, the issue is division of the state. No alternative is acceptable to us". He stressed the need to resolve the issue at the earliest. Industries minister J Geeta Reddy, strongly arguing the case of a Telangana state, brushed aside Azad's suggestion to attend the duties as the dialogue was initiated."Attending duties pending the announcement is not possible. If we go back without any assurance, we would be treated as traitors. So,we cannot attend the office till Telanagna state is formed", Geeta Reddy said. Every one present in the meeting agreed with her.

MP Manda Jagannatham said the issue of division of the state should alone be the agenda for the talks.
"If the party wants to come to power in T formation of separate state is the only option. If Telangana is announced, Congress would win not less than 16 seats. If the party reneges on the issue, it would lose in the both the regions", Manda told Azad. Nizambad MP Madhu Yashki was categorical that Congress had no option but to accord statehood to the region as it was the commitment owed to the people of T region since 2004. Another MP G Sukhender Reddy said, "We have been assuring the people that Congress alone could be giver and fetcher of separate state. Going back on the promise means death knell to all members present in the meeting", Sukhender said.

Turning emotional, Karimanagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar said Congress members would not have any other option but to commit self-immolation if the party goes back on Telangana state. Ponnam also complained about the provocative statements from Seemandhra leaders especially from TDP MLA Payyavula Kesav. Situation is going out of hand because of the delay in announcing the statehood, Ponnam lamented.

Bhupalli MLA Gandra Venkataramana Reddy asked about Pranab Mukherjees apologetic voice on December 9 statement by home minister P Chidambaram. He opined that such a statement would create ill-will between the regions.

Azad assured the member that party leaders should go by official statements only. Later,he asked them to come for the second round of meeting tomorrow at 5 PM, but in a small group.

THE AFTERMATH - Will suicides propel T movement

Will Mandadi Yadi Reddy emerge as the new Srikantha Chary to propel the Telangana movement. As people see a parallel between 2009, when Chary set himself ablaze in support of Telangana cause,and 2011,when Yadi Reddy hung himself to death for the separate statehood demand,loud voices are being heard on the sacrifices of students and youths.However,people are not sure whether the UPA Govt at the Centre is ready to bifurcate the state in the near future. I heard the news of Yadi Reddys death. In the last 19 months,nothing has changed.If it was Srikantha Chary in December 2009,its Yadi Reddy now.Eee vipareetam aapedi yevaru koduka (who will take the lead in stopping these suicides), Banda Radhamma asked,crying inconsolably at the `kachir banda (where villagers assemble and discuss ) in Oorugonda village of Atmakur mandal,Warangal district.

A sprightly woman despite her advancing age (79 years),Radhammma claimed that the people of the region were fed up with the dilly-dallying tactics of the Congress government. If it doesnt open its eyes soon,there would be more suicides.The days of the Congress are numbered as people would teach it a fitting lesson, she observed. Gopal Reddy,Pensioners Association secretary,said the Delhi rulers were oblivious to the strong sentiments of the people of the region.There would be more Yadi Reddys in the making.The region is suffering because of lack of development in the last two years.The Seemandhra leaders are laughing over the sacrifices of our boys, he rued.He said frequent bandhs,mass cooking and noncooperation stir by employees have had little impact on the Delhi rulers.

While advocates are boycotting court duties,the student community is the worst hit with the closure of educational institutions.The students are losing precious time.The academic schedule is affected with the students taking to the roads in support of T-stir.Will the Centre not take cognizance of their fight, questioned retired professor E Sudarshan Reddy.Yadi Reddys suicide was the fifth suicide in the region since June when the movement got a new thrust.

The Telangana Muslims,in an attempt to come up with a unified stand on the bifurcation of the state,have started discussing the contentious issue even in mosques,where they gather five times a day to say their prayers. The T-Muslims are meeting sometimes after the Asar (later afternoon ) prayer to find out whether the creation of a Telangana state would bring them any benefits or miseries. The MIM, that has seven MLAs and two MLCs,has said that while it is opposed to the division of the state,it would not accept Telangana without Hyderabad as its capital.On the other hand,the Muslims of the newer parts of Hyderabad as well as of the districts are largely in support of the creation of Telangana.

The deliberations among the Muslims intensified following the latest round of crisis that erupted as a result of resignations of MPs,MLAs and MLCs from Telangana from the legislative bodies.The Muslim community members ranging from local leaders of different political parties, Govt employees,religious heads and youth seem to have broken all kinds of barriers for the first time to join in group discussions in mosques.The management committees of the mosques,realizing the importance of the issue,are allowing the people to hold meetings.There is no bitterness,no animosity and no rivalries.All are coming on one neutral platform to debate the issue.The objective is to see whether a consensus could be reached on the formation of T, an imam of a mosque in Sangareddy,Medak district,said.However,at the village and mandal level,most of them are participating in the movement but have no umbrella body to represent their concerns and aspirations,he added.

"After Asar,the community members congregate in the mosque and discuss the political developments in Telangana.For the last one month,the number of participants in the debate is increasing,"another imam of a mosque in Nalgonda district said.On Fridays,the local leaders of all political parties such as the Congress,TRS and TDP come to mosque and participate actively in the discussion.
(Source - TOI)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

తెలంగాణ అత్యంత సున్నితమైన అంశం: మన్మోహన్

 మంగళవారం, 19 జులై 2011( 12:29 IST )తెలంగాణ అంశం అత్యంత సున్నితమైన అంశమని ప్రధానమంత్రి డాక్టర్ మన్మోహన్ సింగ్ అభిప్రాయపడ్డారు. అలాగే రాష్ట్ర విభజన అంశంపై సీమాంధ్ర ప్రాంత ప్రతినిధులు అందించిన సమాచారాన్ని కాంగ్రెస్ కోర్ కమిటీ సభ్యులకు వివరిస్తానని మంగళవారం ఆయనను కలిసిన సీమాంధ్ర ప్రాంత ప్రజా ప్రతినిధులకు ప్రధాని హామీ ఇచ్చారు.  మంగళవారం ఉదయం సీమాంధ్రనేతలతో ప్రధాని భేటీ అయ్యారు. ఈ సందర్భంగా ఆయన వారితో మాట్లాడుతూ.. తెలంగాణ సమస్య అతి సున్నితమైందని, ఆచూతూచీ వ్యవహరించా లని ఆయన సూచించారు. తెలంగాణ సమస్యపై పార్టీ కోర్‌కమిటీలో చర్చిస్తామని ఆయన వారికి హామీ ఇచ్చారు.

ఇదే అంశంపై సమైక్యాంధ్ర కాంగ్రెస్ ఫోరం కన్వీనర్ ఎన్.శైలజానాథ్ మాట్లాడుతూ.. సమైక్యాంధ్రతోనే తెలంగాణ అభివృద్ధి సాధ్యమని తాము ప్రధానికి వివరించామన్నారు. తెలంగాణ వారు చేస్తున్న రాజకీయ డ్రామాలపై ఆయనకు వివరించామన్నారు. శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీలోని మంచి ప్రతిపాదనలను అమలు చేయాలని తాము కోరామన్నారు.

A Historic Deal - Tripartite agreement raises hopes for peace in Darjeeling hills

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee deserves full marks for bringing to fruition a tripartite agreement that promises a lasting solution to the Gorkhaland issue.That she has managed to do this within months of taking over at Writers Buildings is even more creditable.The demand for a separate administrative entity for the Darjeeling hills has a long history.The violent agitation for statehood in the 1980s,under the leadership of the Gorkha National Liberation Front,had culminated in the formation of the semi-autonomous Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.But starting in 2008,renewed demand for a separate Gorkhaland state by the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) meant the hill council couldnt continue in its given form and shape.

The new tripartite agreement between the West Bengal government,the Centre and the GJM is a happy middle path that seeks to satisfy all stakeholders.The proposed autonomous Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) stops short of statehood but shall benefit from significant devolution of powers.The new pact transfers sectors such as health,education,tourism,agriculture and municipal affairs to the direct management of the GTA.The Rs 600 crore financial package promised by the Centre over the next three years should provide the autonomous body with substantial funds to ensure development in the Darjeeling hills. However,the devil could lie in the details.A committee is to be set up to look into the territorial composition of the GTA.There are reports that the GJM wants 398 mouzas in the Terai and the Dooars to be included within the jurisdiction of the new administrative body.Whatever is done,the rights of Bengalis and Adivasis need to be protected.Non-Gorkha organisations in north Bengal have already called for bandhs to protest the tripartite deal.Efforts need to be made to allay their apprehensions.Devolution of powers to local administrative bodies can only succeed on the strength of an inclusive agenda.

Having said that,the new deal serves as a template for other regions of the country where identity politics and lack of quality governance have given rise to demands for separate states.Whether Telangana or Vidarbha,carving out smaller states from existing ones is no guarantee of development.
The thrust needs to be on administration and policy implementation. Devolution of powers supplemented by good governance is the key to mitigating local grievances and eschewing parochialism.For the sake of the Darjeeling hills,it is hoped that the GTA now shuns competitive politics and focusses on developing the region.

T Congress leaders not to meet Azad -Ask Azad To Withdraw Beijing Statement On Statehood To Telangana

An extended meeting of Telangana Congress elected representatives and leaders on Monday unanimo-usly decided not to respond to the meeting call of AICC GenlSecy in-charge of AP affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad in New Delhi until he takes back his controversial Beijing statement on Telangana.While on a visit to the Chinese capital last week,Azad had told the media that there was no question of moving even an inch on the Telangana issue until the state assembly passes a unanimous resolution in favour of the separate state. The meeting attended by MP,MLAs,MLCs,ZP chairpersons,municipal chiefs and mandal presidents,along with scores of senior leaders,unanimously adopted a resolution urging the party high command to immediately take a decision on according statehood to Telangana.

We are not against the talks.Telangana Congress leaders are well aware that talks alone are the way forward to resolve the Telangana tangle.But Azads anti-Telangana statement has vitiated the mood in the party.So,we have decided against attending the meeting called for by Azad with the regions leaders on Monday, Rajya Sabha member K Keshava Rao announced after the meeting.Azad was slated to meet with the Telangana party leaders in the national capital at 7 pm on Monday.Keshava Rao also ruled out the Congress MPs,MLAs and MLCs taking back their resignations unless there was a positive statement on Telangana. Talking to the media,Nalgonda MP Gutha Sukhender Reddy said the people of Telangana are demanding an explanation from Azad with regard to his Beijing statement.

The Telangana people are hurt by the Congress general secretarys statement which amounted to rejecting the demand for a separate Telangana state.Azad owes an explanation to the Telangana people.Only then will we consider attending the talks, Reddy said. The Congress MP said the apprehensions of the Seemaandhra Congress leaders with regard to the future of the people of their regions if the state is divided as baseless.We will clarify every doubt of the Seemaandhra leaders.Let an announcement be made first on the formation of the Telangana state.We will then answer the questions raised by the leaders from the other regions.Whether it be with regard to sharing of water,jobs,the capital,education or the status of Hyderabad.We have answers to these questions and will dispel their doubts, Reddy added.

The opposition to attending the meeting convened by Azad was unanimous.MPs Madhu Yaskhi Goud,Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy,Manda Jagannatham,S Rajaiah,Ponnam Prabhakar said, By his Beijing statement,Azad has proved that he is biased against Telangana.Therefore,talks are not possible with a biased leader. All the MPs demanded that Azad retract his Beijing staetement.It is unbecoming of a union minister to talk of an sensitive internal matter from foreign soil, said Yaskhi. Reflecting the mood in the rural area,DCC presidents urged the leaders not to take back the resignations till an announcement is made on the Telangana state.The people are for a protracted struggle.There is all round solidarity for the Congress.People would not take it kindly if the MPs and MLAs who resigned go for talks without any concrete assurance on the statehood demand, G Gangadhar,DCC president,Nizambad district said.

Similarly,Khammam DCC president Vanama Venkateswarlu briefed the meeting about the situation in his district.Despite the attempts by some senior leaders like Renuka Chowdary and others to dilute the Telangana movement,the people were strongly backing the fight for Telangana,he said. Earlier in the day,the steering committee of T Congress leaders met at the residence of Nagarkurnool MP Jaganna-tham and decided to carry forward their fight for Telangana. According to Sukhender Reddy,the party would observe a Satyagraha on July 20 at every mandal headquarters.Similarly,party workers would celebrate a flag hoisting festival on July 26 by hoisting the Congress flag carrying a Telangana map on every house,office,tree and at every traffic junction.
FINAL BATTLE: Telangana ministers,MPs,MLAs and MLCs meet in Hyderabad on Monday to discuss future course of action on their resignations
TRS threatens to expose misdeeds of Andhra leaders

The TRS would soon present a fact-sheet exposing the dark side of Samaikhyandhra Congress leaders like Lagadapati,Rayapati,Mekapati,Kavuri and T G Venkatesh to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Disclosing this at a press conference on Monday,TRS assembly floor leader E Rajender and legislator T Harish Rao said the so-called Samaikhyandhra movement was being orchestrated by these Congress leaders,who have vested interests in Hyderabad city.

We have gathered details on the activities of these selfish few Seemandhra leaders,who feel that their writ will not run if Telangana state is carved out.One leader is opposing the movement because he has to collect toll gate fee for 25 years,another wants to protect his power project agreements,yet another wants to protect his real estate business.These and some more exhaustive facts will be presented to both Manmohan Singh as well as Sonia very soon, they said.

Citing an example,Rao said minor irrigation minister T G Venkatesh was an undue beneficiary of land from the government of Andhra Pradesh when Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was the chief minister.When not a single farmer,who lost land to the Outer Ring Road project,was given land-for-land compensation,how could this champion Samaikyavadi (T G Venkatesh) get a GO issued in his favour for a similar acreage of prime land (3 acre 12 guntas) near the international airport for constructing a hotel project Why the minister was given special privilege,that too in an area which falls under GO 111 (protected catchment area for water bodies) he asked. Our assembly floor leader Rajender,who lost 8 acre 13 guntas to the ORR project,however was not given any special consideration or landfor-land compensation as given to the Seemandhra leader, he added.
Panel to bring warring Cong leaders to table

Entrusted with the delicate task of bringing the warring regional leaders in the state to the negotiating table,PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana arrived in New Delhi on Monday night to discuss with the high command the modalities to set up a consultation committee comprising leaders from all the three regions to discuss controversial issues emanating from the demand for separate Telangana. According to sources,the Congress high command is mulling the appointment of an 11-member committee comprising representatives from the Andhra,Rayalaseema and Telangana regions.In this committee, chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and the PCC president will also be members.Each region can nominate 3 members to represent their views.After I took over as PCC president,it is for the first time that I have initiated a dialogue process between the three regional leaders.The Telangana party leaders have agreed to come to the dialogue table, Botsa told TOI on Monday before leaving for the national capital. Botsa will decide the agenda for the consultative committee after meeting with finance minister Pranab Mukherjee,defence minister AK Antony and party incharge Ghulam Nabi Azad.If possible,I will also meet party president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to brief them on the progress we have made during my meetings with all regions, said Botsa.

After getting the nod from the T leaders for such a committee,Botsa will intensify his mediation with the high command during his Delhi visit.In the meantime,in order to ensure that the crisis does not deepen,the Seemandhra MLAs have been told by the high command not to resign under any circumstances and at the same time,the T-legislators urged to withdraw their resignations so that the consultation process can commence, said sources. While the Telangana leaders are ready for negotiations,their colleagues from the other two regions are not that keen,said the sources.What should be the agenda for such a dialogue If they (T leaders) are ready to start the discussion from zero,we are ready.Otherwise,it will be a useless exercise, said a minister who is in New Delhi along with the Seemandhra delegation.Senior leader Gade Venkata Reddy and ministers Sailajanath and TG Venkatesh also expressed their opposition for a dialogue on Telangana.Instead,they are insisting on a comparison of the three regions on the parameters of development,funds allocation,regional imbalances,infrastructure,industries and other factors.
We will consult one and all on T,says Azad

AICC incharge of Andhra Pradesh affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday assured the Congress leaders from Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra regions that he would consult the leaders from all the regions of the state before taking any decision on Telangana.Talking to the delegation of about 50 Congress leaders from the two regions,which are on a campaign for keeping the state united,Azad cautioned the leaders not to make any provocative statements. The leaders arrived in Delhi in response to the decision of the T-Congress leaders to intensify their agitation for a separate state.The leaders,MPs, MLAs and other senior leaders,led by state education minister S Sailajanath,want to ensure that Telangana is not granted at any cost.In all,12 MPs,15 ministers,27 MLAs and 10 MLCs apart from several senior leaders were in the team.

The team includes among others,D Manikya Vara Prasad,Kanna Lakshminarayana,T G Venkatesh,Anam Ramanarayana Reddy,Thota Narasimhan,Kavuri Sambasivarao,Yerasu Pratapa Reddy,KVP Ramachandra Rao,J D Seelam,Gade Venkata Reddy,M Srinivasulu Reddy,J C Divakar Reddy Mandali Budha Prasad,M Sudhakar Babu,etc. In an hour-long meeting with Azad,the leaders opposed the creation of a state based on the sentiments.Sentiments,which are transient should not basis for the bifurcation of the state.If the sentiments are to be the basis,then the state should have to be divided into a minimum of five states namely Rayalaseema,Coastal Andhra,North Coastal Andhra, Hyderabad and Telangana, a 10-page memorandum presented to Azad said.

The memorandum also said that none of the previous governments at the Centre had favored the creation of Telangana keeping in view the disastrous consequences it would have..Even Indira Gandhi was also not in favour of Telangana statet,the memorandum said. The leaders are expected to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi,PM Manmohan Singh,defence minister A K Antony on Tuesday.