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Why Separate Telangana required?

The burning topic in the whole country is the separate statehood for Telangana and this has caused a lot of stir among various political parties and also the masses. Very recently all have witness to the suicides of students and the effects of this announcement by the Central Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram and how the fire was ignited in the state. When this announcement was made many parts of the country has witnessed such demands and it is up to the UPA government to resolve the issue.Let me put down the sequence of actions first and then would describe the history of Telangana how the movement started.

Mr K Chandra Shekar Rao the founder and leader of Telangana Rastriya Samiti has taken this movement in to the masses by establishing the political party 10 years ago with the basic agenda of acquiring a separate state for this region. Recently few days back they issued a warning for the government that if the bill is not passed he will go on fast unto death and with this the government were against it and used all the measures to stop it and on the day to start the hunger strike he was arrested in Karimnagar and in a dramatic situation he was taken to Khammam district and finally the police brought him to Hyderabad and since his health was degrading was admitted in the NIMS hospital and things took a different turn.

All the supporters of the Telangana Movement like teachers, students, lawyers etc took to the streets and started agitating against the government and brought in so much pressure that at least to save the leader in a hurry the Home minister on the 11 day of KCR’s fast in the Hospital announced that the UPA government is in favor of the separate state of Telangana. This news brought in cheers in the TRS party and brought in anger and envy among all the other regions of the state and now these leaders from across the Andhra and Raayalaseema started agitating for separate states fro them and after few days started fighting for Samyaka Andhra and MLAs, MPs and MLCs breaking the party barrier submitted their resignations and almost around 200 MLA submitted their resignations and both the state and central government are at logger heads and meeting different party leaders to resolve the situation.

How would the state look like after division

Lets now look at how the state will look if at all the state is divided. It should be into three states out of which Telangana would be the biggest state with 10 districts in it. They are Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Rangareddy, Medak, Hyderabad, Mahboobnagar, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Khammam.

The Rayalaseema would consist of 4 districts namely Kurnool, Anantapur, Chittoor and Kadapa districts.

The Andhra region would consists of 9 districts they are Nellore, Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna, East Godavari, West Godavari, Vishakapatanam, Vijayanagaram and Srikakulum Districts.

It is very interesting to that many of the MLA’s and leaders of Andhra and Rayalaseema areas are not in favor of dividing the state and it is because of many factors which include Water and infrastructure as the main issues and also since Hyderabad would fall in Telangana. They all have actually united and started fighting for the cause of united Andhra Pradesh. If at all the UPA government declares the Telangana as separate state they also want the two regions to be declared as separate states.

It should be noted that the state has a vast history and also there are leaders who fought very hard for the cause of Andhra Pradesh as a separate state for Telugu Speaking people and prominent among them was 'Potti Sreeramulu who was on a fast unto death for around 58 days for the formation of a separate Telugu state and it is unfortunate to think of three states with the same language. Some view it as a political drama some view it as good and some as bad.

History of Telangana

The word Telangana means that it is the land of telugus which is also a language name which is spoken through out Andhra Pradesh. The Telangana region forms a major part of the state comprising of around 10 states out of which Hyderabad is the state capital. Even before independence most of the people in Telangana region suffered because of the Nizams and Razakars movement. Around five thousand people including socialists, communists and common people died fighting Nizam`s feudal system for their existence and also the Razakars which is a paramilitary organisation of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslameen. During these events policemen and Razakars suffered heavy casualties. After which came the Police Action. In these there was not much violence in Telangana after the Police Action.

In the Pre independence and post independence period from 1948 to 1956 Telangana region has passed through different stages such as the military rule, velodis rule. After independence the Telangana region had elections in 1952 and the induction of a popular government with Burugul Ramakrishna Rao as Chief Minister took place. During this period the Hyderabad Tenancy Act which is described as one of the most progressive acts in the history of modern India has been passed and has been partly implemented.

There was no opposition of Telangana to be merged with the other parts of the state but many times again and again the people of Telangana were betrayed by a section of its leadership on caste grounds. After Independence the government decided to form the states based on languages, to implement this in the year 1953 the then Prime Minister of India Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru appointed a commission which will study and recommend to the government as to how the states of India should be divided linguistically. The commission was named as the Fazal Ali Commission. Two years after the commission was formed in the year 1955 the commission presented its recommendations on reorganizing of states but the point to be noted is that the committee was not in favor of merging the Telangana with the Andhra Pradesh because of many circumstances and issues. But the central government decided to forgo the SRC (States Reorganization Commission) recommendations and merged the Telangana with the Andhra Region and thus established unified Andhra Pradesh on November 1, 1956 much against the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission and advice of Nehru and Lohia.
Movements in Telangana from past to present

1968-1972 - Great Peoples Movement

One should really understand why the movement for a separate Telangana started after 15 years of forming the state. The reasons can be broadly termed as the injustice melted towards the people of Telangana. Since the leadership is from the Andhra region be it the Chief Minister or other Ministers they were so jealous that they wanted to ill treat the people of Telangana because of all the ill treatment they faced from the tamil ruling class in the old Madras Presidency. This is not just a psychological problem but the most important issue was the lust for power and money form the feudal classes belonging to the Andhra area, Kammas, Reddys and Brahmins. All these classes agreed together and lusted for the river waters of Telangana and diverted all the water from this area from the two big rivers of Krishna and Godavari towards the Andhra Region and not only this but many other issues and these forced the people of Telangana to fight for a separate cause but there were some from this area who betrayed the people of its land and joined the others and thus this movement did not yield its result.

Because of which Telangana movement of 1969 actually commenced in December 1968 by students taking out procession in Hyderabad and this led to widespread violence and around 6 students were killed by the rowdies hired by police and soon the flame spread to the nearby districts of Warangal and Khammam and slowly to other parts of the Telangana region which resulted in deaths of hundreds of people and students of this Telangana region. Approximately 360 students gave their lives in this movement.


After which the movement got little bit slugged even though people from different walks of life, parties were following the movement but not in a very strong way but this movement got ignited again when in the 90’s and early 2000’s the NDA let government under the leadership of Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) while in public campaign and even in the party promised to create a separate state of Telangana if it comes to power at the center. As expected the NDA won the elections and under the leadership of BJP they formed the government at the center and as promised in the manifesto created separate states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand in the year 2000.

The NDA government faced opposition from the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) under the leadership of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu for creating the separate state of Telangana. When this happened they could not create a separate state as promised and this led to chaos in the state and many agitations took place and then Mr K ChandraShekar Rao known popularly as KCR came out of the party involved and established a separate party for Telangana known as Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS). This attracted many leaders and party workers to join this party because they have a clear mandate for Telangana and thus once again started the Telangana Movement.


After floating the party TRS in the year 2004 for the assembly elections TRS joined hands with Congress to jointly fight the elections on a seat sharing basis. Based on these the Congress promised to fight for the cause of separate state for Telangana and said that as soon as they come to power they will make sure that a separate state for Telangana is done. As the days, months, years passed by nothing in this regard has happened and the TRS decided to withdraw their support and some how congress managed to be in power and later in 2006 KCR contested from the Karimnagar Parliamentary Constituency and has won with a great margin which actually made the congress to think again and the congress was again in greater pressure from the TRS to get a separate state for Telangana and as nothing was in their way the TRS MLAs and MPs collectively resigned and forced the government to conduct re - elections and every one even the congress thought that TRS will win with a great margin but the situation was beyond every body’s expectations. No one thought of this. The elections were conducted and TRS were so confident of winning all the places but to every one’s surprise the election results were against the TRS and not even many of them who resigned got elected in the by-elections. This was a big blow for the TRS and a gain for Congress.

Again in the same year a senior leader from the Telugu Desam Party Mr. T Devendar Goud who had some difference with Chandrababu Naidu on the Telangana issue and floated a new party for the Telangana region called “Nava Telangana Praja Party” and joined with the newly floated Praja Rajyam Party by famous matinee idol Chirenjeevi. But as every body knew it was a big blow for Devendar Goud because he could noot get the deposits when contested for 2009 elections. That was a different issue.

2009 till as of date

For the 2009 assembly elections the TRS chief Mr. K.Chandrashekar Rao fromed an alliance with the opposition party Telugu Desam Party with all left parties and formed “Mahakutami” to fight against Congress which has become so popular with the masses because of its welfare measures. The TDP chief promised Mr. KCR that they would get a separate state if the party comes to power. The campaign saw many film stars and even the support for all the parties were huge. The exit polls clearly showed congress as leading in the elections but every one ignored this. When the results started coming out it was none other than the Congress winning majority of seats without any support.

Important to note that the TRS party could not even get majority of the seats in the Telangana region which they claim that people support them. After this massive win the Congress successively formed the government for the second time and this time the governments both at state and center was of Congress. Taking rest for some time the chief of the Telangana Rastra Samithi Mr.K.Chandrashekar Rao announced that he would go for a fast unto death in Siddipet early of December. The government started making all the arrangements to avoid the fast by the TRS leader. The police was present in Karimnagar and fully prepared to take control of Mr. KCR and the day arrived and the police arrested KCR in spite of all the opposition from the party cadre and took him to Khammam district by road and then later to Hyderabad in a dramatic situation. Even in the Jail he resumed his fat and later seeing the condition of his health he was moved to NIMS hospital in Hyderabad.

Even in the Hospital he resumed his fast for almost 11 day and he was kept in ICU and utmost care was taken to see that all the medical treatment was available to him. Seeing all this and also the rumors that his health has gone down and there are chances of liver failure and that he was not responding to any one there was a huge cry of the party cadre. They all gathered over night before the hospital and ruining the public and private property. The situation started going out of control because in all the Telangana region there were protests and processions and bandhs. The government property was being damaged and even buses and private property was torched and many shopping malls were peddled with stones and along with this there was a time when the doctors announced that KCR is not cooperating and if this continues there is a danger for his health. The students at Osmania University started protesting and the government called in additional forces from the center to control the situation and also the planned procession across the city.

Seeing the grave situation and to stop the students from participating in the agitation the state government took some measures and as a part of this initiative the Home Minister Mrs.Sabhitha Indira Reddy declared 15 days as holidays for all the educational institutions in Telangana region except the for schools and medical institutions till 18 December 2009 so that the students can be stopped. The hostels and mess in OU campus was closed and this even provoked the students and some committed suicide. As these were happening the next day doctors declared that KCR is doing well and no problem with his health condition. On December 5th and 6th the TRS leaders after a lot of thought called in for a Telangana band for another two days. All the RTC buses and other services were stopped and at many places human chains were formed to protest and finally the band went peacefully and successfully. There is an important thing to note and it is also the opinion of many that the common people are not interested in a separate state but it is in the interest of some political parties and some leaders.

Again on 09th December 2009 the doctors in their health bulletin announced that the condition of K.Chandrashekar Rao was getting worse and is refusing to take any food or supplements and insisting that either a clear statement be made by the government or he is ready to die. After serious discussions in the state and at the center there came this surprising and a hurried decision from the home minister of India Mr P.Chidambaram at around 11:30 pm declaring that the congress government is ready to discuss the Telangana issue and asked Mr K.Chandrashekar Rao to end his fast and all these without consulting any party member or other parties of the state which normally happens and this seemed to be a hurried decision for which the congress is paying heavily now. Hearing this MR KCR broke his fast and jubilation started all across Telangana right from the mid night and there was excitement in the party cadre and all the people. No one including the state and the central government thought of the consequences of this hurried decision and unexpectedly the next day this issue became very serious in Rayalaseema and Andhra regions. Every one was surprised to hear this and all this in an unconstitutional way. No consideration of the party MLAs or MPs have been taken and also as per procedure the two-third majority should first support the issue and a bill be passed from the state government to the President. It should studied in detail and then it should be passed in parliament and none of this happened.

To the surprise of every one MP Lagapati Rajagopal of congress submitted his resignation and this has been followed by many MLAs and MPs from Rayalaseema and Andhra region. These resignations are not only confined to congress party to show their anger but it was all across the parties and even the MLCs started resigning. The resignations were followed by J.C.Deewakar Reddy, Prathap Reddy and many others. The number of resignations reached to around 220 till date. The situation went so worst that even the ministers in the cabinet started resigning and every MLA, MP showed favor for their regions and also for a unified state. Every one wanted Samyka Andhra and are against separate Telangana State. The Chief minister K. Rosaiah appealed to the MLAs and ministers all from the Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions to withhold the resignations and even the speaker did not take any action on that. To support this MLAs, MPs and MLCs across different parties started resigning and this was a surprise to the Telugu Desam Party and Praja Rajyam Party.

All across Andhra and Rayalaseema the parties called for band for two days i.e., December 11th and 12th in many regions. The band was very successful and it was very difficult for the common public. There were issues of suicides and others. Vijayawada MP Mr.Lagadapati Rajagopal has warned on 14 Dec to the center that he would go on fast unto death and would start the fast in Hyderabad if decision on separation of Telanagana is not taken back. As soon as he reached Hyderabad airport there was a lot of security and he was taken into custody and many of his supporters gathered and many started to go on fast un to death in many places.

In the mean time in Anantapur district the people and parties took out processions and even the BSNL OFC cables gowdon was put on fire and a railway station was burned and police had a very difficult time to manage it and in the Sri Venkateshwara University students gathered to show their protest and today i.e 15 Dec the police led by SP and Charu Sinha IPS went into the campus and did lathi charge and tried to stop the agitation and many were injured and there was a lot of chaos and cries and the police behaved in an in human way and this was reported to human right commission and the home minister is targeted. The situation is growing worse and the central government announced that it is coming with a decision which will pacify both the groups and also told that the decision to make a separate state for Telangana was only made to save the life of Mr KCR which is very grave on their part.

Mr K Chandrashekar Rao durning an interview with a TV channel has told that the city of Hyderabad consists of people from all parts of the state and it is garunteed that the people in this place are protected and there should be no fear in peoples mind and it is their duty to take care of them. He said the people from other states can safely stay in the city. But if one can recollect what was the reason for him to say that if people do not want to stay they can leave the city and he said "Telangana wala jago…Andhra wala bagho".

If every one is so confident that majority of the people living in Hyderabad and other places are from Telangana region then why is it that he is so worried of people living in Hyderabad. He says that since Telengana is backward region and they want a separate state then what about other regions which means that the state should be divided into pieces so that the people who are wanting to come to power gets a chance.

Now since this decision was made there are uproars in other parts of the country to form separate states and BJP is in favor of small states. Mr. Kishan Rao MLA of BJP in Hyderabad said today that small states will progress very fast and pointing Gujarat as an example. This is all political play and no body is interested in progress. These people want to be in power and gain power and money.

It is very interesting to see that if a person goes on fast for merely 10 days the government declares for granting a separate state and imagine if people start doing this across the country what would happen to the country. People should awake from their sleep and address the issue other wise our country will be no where.

Disclaimer: The author is no way concerned with the views expressed above and all the content is purely based on the media channels what they are tele-casting daily.
(Source-India study c

State govt kicks in division process

Despite CM Kiran Kumar Reddys persistent claims that the bifurcation of AP has not been initiated, the state government has already kick-started the division exercise. In a memo to all chiefs of public sector units, training centres and heads of department written two days ago, the CS P K Mohanty asked them to furnish the list of divisible assets, liabilities, workforce and the location of their offices in the districts. Along with the memo, Mohanty sent a copy of the draft AP reorganization Bill 2013.

The memo has asked the PSU chiefs to go through Schedules 9 and 10 of the Bill. While Schedule 9 deals with the list of organizations that will be divided between the two states, Schedule 10 relates to the organizations that will be common to both states for the time being.

This is to keep everything ready for the division by the time President Pranab Mukherjee gives his assent to AP Reorganization Bill 2013,sources said. The state government is gathering information of the assets of various PSUs so that by the time the Bill gets presidential assent, separate boards and offices can be set up for the two states. Clearly the state government is taking steps to divide the assets and workforce of united AP, a principal secretary told TOI.

According to the sources,the state government is going ahead with the bifurcation process assuming that the division begins with the President sending the Bill to the state assembly. The assembly may be engaged in the politics of bifurcation, but the bureaucracy has to go ahead with the division of assets and liabilities. The instructions we have received is that the division of assets and liabilities should be completed by January 23, the deadline given to the assembly to return the Bill to the President, an official said.

According to Mohanty, the state officials are carrying out the exercise as per the instructions of the Centre. The government of India had asked us to check whether the entities listed under the 9th and 10th schedules of the Bill are proper or whether they need changes. Accordingly, I have asked the PSU chiefs and department heads to furnish the information.It is a routine process, Mohanty said.


Govt asks PSU chiefs, HoDs to furnish details of assets, liabilities and workforce GAD asks employees to give details of their native places, date of joining and pay scales. Exercise taken up to keep everything ready for bifurcation by the time President gives his assent to the Reorganisation Bill .
 Nativity of employees being ascertained
Hyderabad: According to section 75 (1) of the Bill, all the institutions and organizations listed under the tenth schedule will continue to provide services to the people of both states for such period and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the two state governments.
Once the various PSU chiefs and department heads send their list of institutions, the final list of entities under the two schedules could be revised, sources said.

In another development, the General Administration Department (GAD) has started asking employees to self declare their native place. GAD is said to have the heads of the department to take self-declaration from the employees under his or her jurisdiction that should include details such as native place, date of joining the department, pay scale and so on.

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Most Andhra pockets in city to lie outside common capital - Leaders Bat For HMDA Area As Capital To Allay Fears

Hyderabad: Ensuring the safety and security of Andhraites was one of the reasons for the Centre co-relating the joint capital region with the jurisdiction of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).However,the Union cabinet may have fallen short of its goal as scores of pockets where people from Seemandhra reside do not come under the GHMC limits.

According to sources,there are hundreds of residential colonies dominated by Andhraites in at least 20 gram panchayats outside the GHMC limits.For instance,Pragatinagar and Nizampet are adjoining areas of Kukatpally (that falls under GHMC limits ) but continue to be gram panchayats.Over 100 new colonies have come up in these panchayats during the past two decades.Because of its proximity to Hi-Tec City,Seemandhra people in huge numbers have settled down there, said an official.

Similarly,Manikonda and Puppalaguda gram panchayats are among the biggest Andhra pockets in the Hyderabad region and comprise around 200 to 300 colonies.The development in the area is mainly due to its proximity to Gachibowli,the financial district and Hi-Tec City.The land cost in this area is also higher than the other surrounding areas of the city, sources said. Apart from these,people from Seemandhra have also settled down in large numbers in the panchayats of Kompally, Gundla Pochampally, Bachupally, Dammaiguda,Narsingi,Peerzadiguda,Parvathapur,Shamshabad,Medipally,Boduppal,Jillelguda andMeerpet,all of which are outside the GHMC limits.According to sources,people from Seemandhra as well as other states settled down in these areas due to availability of low cost land.Similarly,due to the coming up of the IT campus in Pocharam,areas like Boduppal,Medipally,Peerzadiguda,Parvathapur and Rampally found themselves being filled with people from Seemandhra.

There are other issues too that the Union cabinet has not addressed.Hundreds of Seemandhraites living within the GHMC limits have acquired properties outside the municipal corporation limits,like inBachupally,Kompally,Ghatkesar,Narapally,Shamshabad,Kokapet,Maheshwaram and areas abutting the Outer Ring Road.Since these areas will come under the new Telangana government,there is some concern among the people about the safety and protection of their lands, sources said.

The Andhra pockets have developed mainly due to migration for employment,business and for providing education to children.As per the census published in January 2013,L B Nagar, Qutubullapur, Medchal, Uppal, Serilingampally and Rajendranagar assembly segments recorded the maximum number of new voters in Ranga Reddy district most of them were said to be natives of Seemandhra.
It is for these reasons that the Seemandhra Congress leaders are advocating extending the jurisdiction of the joint capital to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).All these areas too would come under the central rule if that happens.But in the framework cleared by the Union cabinet,the concerns of a large number of Seemandhra people remain unanswered.


T Bill triggers storm - Give Hyd or face war,KCR warns Centre

Hyderabad: The UPA government continued to court controversy over the status of Hyderabad with Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrasekhar Rao describing the restrictions imposed on Hyderabad by the Union Cabinet as belittling and insulting the people of Telangana and demanding that the new state be given complete independence and statehood as in the case of the other states of India.The TRS chief said he will write to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking amendments to the Bill,failing which he threatened war.According to the draft AP Reorganization Bill that was cleared by the Union Cabinet on Thursday,the joint capital of the two states will extend up to the GHMC limits of the state capital and administered by the governor with the assistance of two advisors appointed by the Centre.

As per the note submitted to the Group of Ministers,we wanted complete statehood for Telangana and that it should be the 29state of India.We are dissatisfied with the draft bill on Telangana since it is belittling to the people of Telangana.It envisages bestowing the control of law and order in Hyderabad on the governor which is insulting to the people of the region, KCR said at a press conference on Friday.The Constitution does not allow common capital for two states.Yet,we agreed to share Hyderabad as the capital with Seemandhra just on humanitarian grounds.But,they are trying to take advantage of that and infringe upon the autonomy of a democratically elected Telangana government, the TRS chief said.

KCR said the TRS vehemently opposes the continuation of the existing admission policy in higher education and medical education for another 10 years.Distribution of assets and liabilities,and pension of the government employees in proportion to population were the other anomalies listed by him
All-powerful guv raises eyebrows 

I will write to the PM enlisting our objections,and suggest amendments to the draft bill.If needed,we will take a delegation to him.We will request the government to set right the anomalies in a humble manner.If they dont respond,then we will take to the streets and wage asecond war and show how enraged the Telangana people are. TRS sources said they are very upset over the fact that the Union Cabinet,without saying so,has turned the joint capital avatar of Hyderabad virtually into a Union Territory by bringing it under the control of the governor who is the representative of the Union government.Making it clear that the governor will be responsible for matters relating to law and order,internal security and security of vital installations,the AP Reorganization Bill approved by the Cabinet - says that he will discharge his duties in consultation with the council of ministers of Telangana but would not be bound by their advice alone.The decision of the governor in his discretion will be final, it states.Thus on all aspects of law and order and revenue in the joint capital of Hyderabad,the chief minister of the new state of Telangana will have no say and it will be the governor who will be calling the shots.

Apart from the major issue of Hyderabad being virtually converted into a Union territory without being described as one,the draft Telangana Bill has many grey areas.For example,the GHMC limits extending over 625 sq km is spread across the entire district of Hyderabad and parts of Ranga Reddy and Medak districts.When it comes to the issue of law and order,the GHMC jurisdiction covers the entire Hyderabad district and parts of Cyberabad police limits.

Interestingly,several surrounding areas of Hyderabad including Shamshabad where the Rajiv Gandhi International airport is located,and Manikonda,where several IT companies have come up,do not come under the GHMC limits.With the TRS opposing the granting of key control of Hyderabad to the Centre through the governor,the status of the joint capital is far from being settled and the AP Reorganization Bill is likely to stumble at the first stage itself,that of being tabled in Parliament.Hyderabad is still the key and the arrangement proposed by the Cabinet might be acceptable to the Seemandhra people,but the fact remains that the Telangana people have been deprived of Hyderabad,and this alone is enough to scuttle the bifurcation of the state, said an official.






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