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Congress ready to bite the bullet on Telangana, final call on Tuesday


New Delhi: The struggle for a separate Telangana state by dividing Andhra Pradesh seems to be in the final stages despite the bumpy road ahead. Under pressure from Andhra Pradesh leaders including Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, the UPA Coordination Committee and the Congress Working Committee are likely to meet on Tuesday at 5.30 pm to decide on the bifurcation of the state and creation of Telangana.
A sharp division within the party has cropped up as the Congress is pushing ahead with the plan for Telangana. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is reportedly opposed to the decision saying the bifurcation will cause water and power problems for the new state which will have an area of 1.14 lakh sq km and a population of 3.52 crore according to the 2011 census which is 41 per cent of Andhra Pradesh. With the top Congress leadership appearing to have veered towards creation of Telangana, Congress MPs from the rest of Andhra Pradesh, too, have opposed any division of the state while a party MP from Telangana region had said that the government should go ahead with the decision.
Congress leader from Telangana V Hanumantha Rao demanded that the new state should be created immediately. "They are repeating the same things. There is no movement in Andhra. Our leadership is very strong. It is a oldest issue. Our leader is Sonia Gandhi. Telangana people want a separate Telangana. No one can question the high command. Our first interest is Telangana. The high command may take any action as today most of the parties are supporting Telangana," he said.
The TRS too has demanded that the new state be created immediately while leaders of Seemandhra region of Andhra Pradesh are unwilling to give up the state capital Hyderabad.

The six anti-Telangana MPs, including Union Ministers MM Pallam Raju, KS Rao, Chiranjeevi and D Purandeshwari (all hailing from coastal Andhra) and K Bapiraju and Anantarami Reddy had met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to push for keeping Andhra Pradesh united. They told the Prime Minister that there would be repercussions not only for the state but also for the entire country if Andhra Pradesh is divided and Telangana created.

After the meeting, Rao said any decision to split the state would create problems. He added that it was neither in the interest of the people nor the various regions of Andhra Pradesh. Bapiraju had said the delegation told the Prime Minister that formation of Telangana will create problems in many states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh where there are demands for separate states. Even as the Congress seems to be split wide open over granting Telangana by dividing Andhra Pradesh, BJP leaders have claimed that the party will form the separate state of Telangana within 24 hours of coming to power.

"Telangana has always been betrayed by the Congress. We definitely want Telangana to happen immediately but the rumours which are floating are very serious - Hyderabad to be made Union territory. How can you think Telangana without Hyderabad, it is an integral part of it," said BJP leader Prakash Javadekar.

The Telangana Tangle:
All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM)
Telugu Desam Party
YSR Congress
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Telangana issue : CWC to meet on Tuesday

Veering towards conceding the demand for a separate Telangana, the Congress has convened a meeting of its working committee, the party's highest policy making body, on Tuesday after deliberations on the issue in the UPA Coordination Committee.   
The high-level meetings are being called on the eve of the conclusion of the Panchayat polls in Andhra Pradesh.
These meetings come a time when the Congress high command is said to be inclined towards bifurcating Andhra Pradesh notwithstanding the opposition from within the party and its state leadership.
While the UPA meeting is an attempt to secure a stamp of approval of the constituents of the ruling alliance, the Congress Working Committee meeting is to take a final call after it gets the sense about the stand of the allies on the issue.
While NCP chief and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has already made a strong pitch for the formation of separate Telangana, another ally RLD leader and Civil Aviation Minister is a votary of smaller states and has been advocating for long the creation of Harit Pradesh out of districts of Western Uttar Pradesh, his home turf.
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Hyderabad may be Union Territory for 5 yrs -City To Be Capital Of Two States After Bifurcation

Hyderabad is likely to be a Union Territory for 5 years and will act as joint capital of the two states to be created out of the bifurcation of the present AP. The Union Territory will be administered by a Lt governor. The governor of the Telangana state will be the ex-officio lt governor of Hyderabad in these five years. A proposal to this effect is going to be put up to the Union cabinet before August 5.The cabinet will meet after the Congress Working Committee and the UPA steering group approves a proposal to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh.Highly placed sources privy to the proposals told TOI that the cabinet will also take a final call on whether to create Telangana or a Rayala-Telangana state.The former will consist of the 10 districts of Telangana and the latter proposal envisages the addition of two Rayalaseema districts Anantapur and Kurnool to the proposed Telangana state.Interestingly,the Andhra part of the bifurcated state will be called Andhra Pradesh.

Sources told TOI that Congress party bosses are hopeful of completing this process within a week because Parliament convenes for the monsoon session on August 5.A bill might be presented in this session itself.Meanwhile,with Kiran Kumar Reddy having already resigned,a new chief minister for integrated Andhra Pradesh to oversee the process of bifurcation will be appointed.In all likelihood,the new incumbent will belong to Telangana.However,with intelligence reports suggesting that there will be major trouble in the Seemandhra region in the wake of the announcement,it seems inevitable that Presidents rule will be clamped in the state till the process of bifurcation is complete.Much of the trouble is expected to be fomented by interested parties although spontaneous outpourings are not unexpected.  Highly placed sources told TOI that when Kiran Kumar Reddy called on Sonia Gandhi on Friday evening and told her that he could not preside over the process of bifurcation,the latter was very angry.She is believed to have asked him why he had kept quiet for such a long time giving the impression that he would go along with the high command.Kirans resignation came at this meeting.
Sources told TOI that after meeting Sonia,Kiran flew back to Hyderabad and he has been extremely depressed after that.

Seemandhra ministers including Union ministers who met Prime Minister on Saturday to convey their opposition to the bifurcation seemed crestfallen with Manmohan Singh hearing them out and promising nothing.However,the Seemandhra lobby has not lost heart because the last time round in 2009,Manmohan was instrumental in the government going back on its promise of creating a Telangana state after publically announcing the intent for doing so. They are expected to move the Prime Minister once again.The Seemandhra lobby is also hoping that with the Gorkhaland issue coming upfront some sections of UPA may help to stall the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

UPA panel meet on T

Ameeting of UPA coordination committee has been called on July 31 to take a view on the vexed Telangana issue amid indications from the party that creation of a separate state is now a 'fait accompli' despite the complications attached to it.A CWC meeting is also expected to be held after the coordination committee meeting.PTI

TRS against Rayala-T

TRS on Sunday said it was opposed to the reported proposal to form 'Rayala-Telangana' state by including Kurnool and Anantapur districts of Rayalaseema in the proposed Telangana state.TRS wants Telangana with 10 districts and Hyderabad as its capital.We are not ready to accept other proposals.Who asked for this Rayala-Telangana TRS leader Jagadish Reddy said in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad likely to be Union Territory for 5 years.Will act as joint capital of the two states arising out of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh Andhra part of the bifurcated state will be called Andhra Pradesh Union Territory will be administered by a lieutenant governor Governor of Telangana will be the ex-officio lieutenant governor of Hyderabad in these five years Proposal to be put up to the Union cabinet before August 5 Cabinet will take a final call on whether to create Telangana or a Rayala-Telangana state

Kiran Kumar Reddy speculated to have already resigned A new CM for integrated Andhra to oversee bifurcation.New incumbent likely from Telangana Presidents rule may be clamped in the state till bifurcation is complete

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UPA Coord panel to meet on 31st July on Telangana

A meeting of UPA Coordination Committee has been called on 31st July to take a view on the vexed Telangana issue, a CWC meeting is also expected to be held after the coordination committee meeting.
Senior party leaders from the state said that creation of a separate state appears to be a fait accompli but the party will gave to address complications attached with it.
With the top Congress leadership appearing to have veered towards creation of Telangana, Congress MPs from rest of Andhra Pradesh have opposed any division of the state while a party MP from Telangana region had said that the government should go ahead with the decision.
The six anti-Telangana MPs, including Union Ministers M M Pallam Raju, K S Rao, Chiranjeevi and D Purandeshwari (all hailing from coastal Andhra) and K Bapiraju and Anantarami Reddy had met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a delegation to push for keeping Andhra Pradesh united.
The MPs told Prime Minister that there would be repercussions not only for the state but also for the entire country if Andhra Pradesh is divided.
Rao said after the meeting that any decision to split the state would create problems. It was not in the interest of the people nor the various regions of Andhra Pradesh, he said.
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Hyd needs spl administrative status - Certain Integral Issues Need Further Deliberation,Says Kodandaram

A metropolitan or regional council for Hyderabad with a clearly defined mandate and adequate representation from every section of society was a critical suggestion put forth by the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) on Saturday, while discussing a way forward for Hyderabad - the bone of contention in the ongoing battle for separate Telangana. Speaking at a roundtable on the subject, chairman of Delhi based think tank K C Sivaramakrishnan highlighted CPRs recommendation on awarding special administrative status to Hyderabad and maintained that its important considering the massive growth witnessed by the capital city even in areas outside of the GHMC limits.

Presenting the key findings of a five-metro region (Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad) study conducted by CPR, he said that while the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority Act was comprehensive it did not help the authority to emerge as a metropolitan level entity for strategy, planning and development management. Considering the fact that several state departments and other entities continue working with varying interests and agendas, Sivarama krishnan said, there was need for some kind of a body, which will require maybe an extra amount of participatory processes than what you usually see to ensure enhanced economic growth and development of the region.

Because these are global cities,we presume there will be uninterrupted growth in its economy. But it looks like they are also vulnerable to the various problems of global economy. So who is going to deal with this Who is going to worry about future jobs, future development, he said, stressing the need for such a model based on inter-governance- between the local,state and central administration. And it is not beyond the Constitution to create such bodies, the former Union urban development secretary said. He noted that the HMDA Act was a useful starting point and if serious debates were held, Hyderabad could show the way for the rest of the metro regions.

CPRs proposal found support in Four Soft chairman Srikanth Palem who also called for a strong political resolution to save Hyderabad that had already taken a beating on the investment front, owing to the current state of uncertainty. Those like Prof M Kodandaram, convener of the Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC ),meanwhile, felt that there were some integral issues that needed further deliberation. For instance, he said, the process of defining the boundaries of the metropolitan region was a crucial factor. Will these boundaries be arbitrarily decided Who will decide what the boundaries would be Will they keep in mind the interests of only a few people or will the larger interest of society be considered were some of the questions he posed adding how these concerns were rooted in the fact that Hyderabads development strategy of late had revolved around real estate and those in this business.

As a result, many communities feel marginalized. They feel that their interests never figure in any of these decisions, Kodandaram said. CPRs recommendation about the involvement of the CM in the proposed metropolitan council also raised apprehensions among some of the panelists who felt that it would not help improve administrative issues. It should ideally have a governing body of its own headed by the mayor, suggested C Ramachandraiah from CESS while also stressing on direct elections for the mayors post. But whether Telangana happens or not, such discussions with regard to metropolitan region council as an alternative, should be carried on concurrently, opined eminent urban specialist Partha Mukhopadhyay pointing out how no first step has yet been taken to preserve equity,participation or event economic growth.There is need for a governance structure that is balanced, Mukhopadhyay said

Centre for Policy Research chairman KC Sivaramakrishnan (first left),TJAC convener Kodandaram (fourth from left) and others during the roundtable conference on special administrative status for Hyderabad,in the city on Saturday                          

TRS plan to deny Cong T credit -Party Firms Up Strategy To Reclaim T Plank Hijacked By Congress

While keeping the door open for a possible merger, the TRS is firming up a strategy to reclaim the T-plankfrom the Congress which has hijacked the show by promising to deliver the separate state very soon. The objective of the campaign is to ensure a rightful share for the TRS in reconstruction of Telangana after the formation of the separate state. If the TRS is not watchful, the Congress will not hesitate to compromise on the water, job and land interests of the Telangana region to please the Seemandhra leaders, a senior TRS leader,who is involved in the finalization of the strategy, told TOI.

TRS is convinced that the Congress is planning to upstage the regional party by taking a unilateral decision on Telangana under the impression that the TRS would have no option. As part of its campaign to checkmate the Congress ion but to merge with the Congress. According to the senior leader, the Congress game plan is to reduce the bargaining power of the TRS in case a merger is proposed from taking credit for the creation of Telangana. TRS has acquired three vehicles fitted with digital screens which will criss-cross the region exhibiting the movies of Telangana heroic battles.
TRS will fight against Andhra benami rule in T
Hyderabad: The road shows will showcase the sufferings of people, especially the youth, since the launch of the movement by the TRS, how the Congress government unleashed terror, how the ruling party forced suicides upon youth, police firing, lathicharge, repression in Osmania University, arrests and police excesses.

As the champion of the Telangana movement, the people of the region equate the TRS with T. We are sure of winning at least 60 of the total 117 assembly segments and 13 of the 17 Lok Sabha seats in the region. If the Congress wants merger, it has to deny tickets to many of its sitting members if winnability is the criterion. So, by creating an impression that it is the giver of Telangana, Congress wants to grab the credit for the separate state, the senior leader said. He said the Congress should come with honourable and realistic terms after the passage of the Telangana bill if it wants merger.

Referring to the unusual enthusiasm of the Congress to quickly clinch the T-issue, the TRS leader said the Congress will not hesitate to plant an Andhra benami government in the new Telangana state.
The people should be cautious about this. The whole struggle of the T people is for self-respect and self-rule. The TRS will fight against Andhra benami rule in the region. The theme of our campaign is to prove that the Congress is a benami party of Andhrites, he added. The senior leader is hopeful that the TRS will be the principal gainer even if the Centre carves T-state before 2014 polls. Congress may be thinking that the influence of the TRS can be contained by creating either Telangana or Rayala-Telangana state. The 2014 election will prove it wrong, the leader, a former MP, said.


TRS plans campaign to prevent Congress from taking credit if T state bears fruition To keep door open for a possible merger with Cong Party wants to bargain for majority of assembly and LS seats in case of merger Audio-visual campaign to expose Cong govts atrocities on T people


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Division of Rayalaseema to forestall future statehood demand?

HYDERABAD: The signals from the corridors of power indicate that not only does the Congress leadership want to solve the Telangana issue for good, but also wants to ensure that no more demands for division emerge from the region.  It is with this objective in mind that the Congress is seriously considering the proposal of splitting Rayalaseema vertically and merging the districts of Anantapur and Kurnool with Telangana to form Rayala-Telangana .

"The splitting of Rayalaseema will ensure that there is no future movement for a separate state. Though such a proposal has been doing the rounds for some time, a feeble opposition from Telangana and a deafening silence from Rayalaseema are the reasons for the Congress leadership to give serious thought to it now," party sources familiar with the developments said.

The sources also averred that the Rayala-Telangana formation would satisfy a vocal section of the Reddys from the Telangana region. "Some prominent Reddys of Telangana are of the view that annexing the two districts of Anantapur and Kurnool, where Reddys are a dominant force, to Telangana would keep the hegemony of Reddys intact in at least one of the two Telugu states. The Reddy Raj will then extend from Ranga Reddy, Medak, Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar and Kurnool to Anantapur, making the clan numerically strongest in the region," they said.

The Congress is likely to play along with the historical animosity between the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions because of which the dominant view in Rayalaseema is either for status quo or creation of three states including theirs. "Therefore, if only Telangana is created, the Rayalaseema people are sure to seek independence from the Andhra region . To nip such a demand in the bud, the Congress leadership wants to split the Rayalaseema districts vertically," the sources added.

Regional rejig

Centre's move on Rayala-Telangana to stymie future demands for separate Rayalaseema state Creation of such a state will satisfy the Reddys whose influence will extend from Ranga Reddy to Anantapur Congress will also try to take advantage of the hostility between R'seema and Andhra regions by merging Kurnool and Anantapur with Telangana.

'Rayala-Telangana is Jaipal's idea'

So far, no Rayalaseema leader has endorsed the bifurcation of the state into Telangana and Andhra. Leaders such as TG Venkatesh , Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy, M V Ramana Reddy, poet Bhooman and others clearly oppose the bifurcation of the state. "So, the Centre fears that this disinclination to remain with the Circar area (coastal Andhra) may fuel a separate state movement from the Rayalaseema region in the near future," said a senior Congress leader.

The Rayalaseema leaders allege that Union minister Jaipal Reddy is part of the Congress game plan of floating Rayala-Telangana to keep intact Reddy hegemony. Historically Reddys have been in control of the Congress party in the state. "He has lost ground in Delhi. His image has taken a beating. Now he is trying to help the Congress leadership by advocating such a weird formation . The Rayalaseema people will not tolerate such designs," M V Ramana Reddy, leader of Rayalaseema Vimochana Samiti and noted activist, told TOI. Any plan to bifurcate Rayalaseema would meet with disastrous consequences, he warned.

Former speaker Agarala Eswar Reddy from Tirupati said appointing a second State Reorganization Commission was the only way out. "The Telangana issue needs to be settled once and for all, but not at the cost of Rayalaseema. The Centre better appoint a second SRC to look into the matter afresh," he said. Kuncham Ramachandra Reddy of Rayalaseema Rashtra Samiti also cautioned the Centre against splitting Rayalaseema. "The Rayalaseema people may be silent now, but they will take to the streets if the state is divided or/and the region is split," he said.


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Hyderabad should be a special entity

As concerns about the future of Hyderabad -- in the wake of the Telangana movement gathering steam -- continue to worry both the citys intellectuals and aam aadmi alike, chairman of the New Delhi-based think tank Centre for Policy Research (CPR) K C Sivaramakrishnan stresses the need for the city to be administered as a special entity, even if it geographically remains part of Andhra Pradesh. Quoting from the recommendations of the CPR that was roped in by the Srikrishna Committee to provide a think piece about Hyderabad and other matters, he says : What the CPR has proposed for metropolitan city regions is a planning and development entity which will address metropolitan level questions. Such an entity will be intergovernmental in nature. Its composition will be drawn not merely from municipalities and panchayats in the metropolitan area but will include other segments like MPs,MLAs,business and industry,state government and civil society. While the CPR chairman agrees that development authorities do exist in metropolitan cities,he points out how they have significantly moved away from the overall planning and development of the city and are preoccupied with executing a few projects.

Further,the former urban development secretary argues that the present situation of trying to deal with multi-municipal and multi-district metro regions through a simplistic system of municipalities is not appropriate.Serious thinking will have to be given about alternatives.That thinking will have to take place in the metropolitan area.It is a debate,which is long overdue, he notes. With metro-politan regions in India seeking global links, which also bring with it global responsibilities, Siva ramakrishnan says that it is essential to understand the metropolitan-level issues and think out of the box for solutions. Allaying the apprehensions about this model undermining the state government and the municipality system,he feels that,on the contrary,it would ensure that metropolitan-level tasks,which transcend the municipal boundaries,are addressed leaving the municipalities to concentrate on local-level functions.Since such an entity can be created by the state government,the question of undermining it does not arise, the CPR chairman says adding how various models of such governance exist in places like London,Tokyo,Seoul,South Africa and Brazil.In the US,such arrangements are the result of inter-municipal cooperation, he adds.

Though several experts,including the Srikrishna Committee,has in the past proposed Union Territory status for Hyderabad as a possible solution to the fight over the city between pro and anti-Telangana groups,Sivaramakrishnan confesses that he is personally not in favour of this.Every metropolitan city has to maintain its base and links with the state government.The political leadership in different levels has to be actively involved in the planning and development of the metropolitan area, he argues,explaining how a UT arrangement removes this involvement.It also removes other possibilities of participation and merely takes away the functional and financial responsibility and gives it to the central government, he adds.Sivaramakrishnan,along with noted urban specialist Partha Mukhopadhyay are slated to be in Hyderabad on Saturday to participate in a roundtable to deliberate on a governance model for the city.

This way or that way decision on T soon: Shinde : CWC Meet Likely By Month-End

New Delhi: Amid indications that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) will surely meet by the end of this month,Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said on Thursday that the UPA Govt  will take a decision this way or that way on the demand for a separate Telangana. Various people, including top leaders of the Congress and Govt including the PM are meeting on the issue. The matter is under consideration, Shinde told reporters here. When asked if an announcement on T would  be made ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament beginning August 5, Shinde said he could not unilaterally indicate a timeframe as the final decision has to be taken by the top Congress leadership. But the decision will be taken soon, this way or the other, he said, keeping up the suspense on the fate of the Telangana demand.

Incidentally,Shinde's comments came amid strong indications after a recent crucial Congress core committee meeting that a positive announcement on Telangana was only a matter of time. The Union home ministry had earlier compiled its report on the Telangana issue, in which it indicated the pros and cons of conceding the long-standing demand for statehood. It is said to have indicated internal security concerns over creation of a separate Telangana, apart from warning that a positive decision on T would open a Pandora's box of similar statehood demands from other parts of the country.

Meanwhile,AICC sources said the process is on to finalise the best date before July 31 when the CWC will meet. Various dates have been discussed. We have to keep in mind that it should be convenient for all the CWC members including the permanent invitees and special invitees. And since it is a meeting that will involve the future of Andhra Pradesh, several Congress leaders from the state would be asked to be present in Delhi, the sources said.

Spl assembly session

Displaying an unusual seriousness on the Telangana issue,the Congress high command has begun exploring the possibility of holding a special session of the AP assembly.The purpose of the special session would be to discuss the Telangana issue soon after the CWC takes a decision on the separate state demand by the end of this month.On Thursday,assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar held crucial discussions with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde.

Vundavalli at it again

At a time when the Congress is claiming that it is in the process of taking a final decision on the Telangana demand, partys Rajahmundry MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar on Thursday triggered a fresh regional war of words by advocating the setting up of a second states reorganization commission (SRC) to look into the Telangana demand. Predictably,the Telangana leaders dubbed Vundavallis comments as baseless and uncalled for. Vundavalli also raked up the issue of Hyderabad being made the second capital of the country.



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CWC to take final call on T - PCC Chief For Hyd As Joint Capital For Two Decades

The CWC will take a clear-cut decision on Telangana by passing a resolution that will say yes or no to the creation of the separate state,PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana categorically said here on Wednesday. Giving details of his presentation before the Congress core committee meeting in Delhi last week,the PCC chief said he was for Hyderabad as Union territory and joint capital of both the states at least for two decades and that he differed with chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on smaller states becoming a breeding ground for Naxalism.

In an informal chat with the media on Wednesday after his weeklong stay in Delhi, Botsa said the CWC would simply adopt a yes or no resolution on Telangana. He also hoped that such a decision would be announced very soon,hopefully by the end of this month. After the Congress core committee meeting, Botsa met central leaders such as Digvijay Singh,Sushilkumar Shinde, S Jaipal Reddy and Ghulam Nabi Azad and was confident that the CWC will take the final call on Telangana. There wont be any ambiguity this time.The CWC will clinch the issue once for all. Even leaving the matter to the party president will not arise. The CWC will simply adopt a resolution on whether to divide the state or not, Botsa said. The PCC chief said in his presentation before the Congress core committee meeting, he advocated Union territory status for Hyderabad on the Hong Kong model, if the division becomes inevitable. At least for two decades,such an arrangement is necessary. Hyderabad had been given undue preference. I do not want to judge whether these policies were right or wrong.Decisions such as the setting up of BHEL then and IIT now in Hyderabad instead of in the backward districts have resulted in lopsided development. Hyderabad gained prominence at the cost of other regions, he said.

Speaker-Diggy meet raises T hopes -
Manohar Called To Delhi For Briefing On T Road Map
Assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar on Wednesday called on AICC general secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh affairs Digvijay Singh in New Delhi. The meeting assumes significance as Manohar arrived in Delhi close on the heels of Congress core committee meeting which heard the views of chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy,deputy chief minister C Damodar Rajanarasimha and PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana on the Telangana state issue.

Wednesdays meeting took place amid speculations that the Centre may ask the state to move a resolution on Telangana to seek the opinion of the House once the CWC makes its decision known.The speaker,who met Digvijay at around 11.30 am,is said to have been specifically called to Delhi to discuss the formalities to be fulfilled to move a resolution in the Assembly. Manohar on his part is understood to have conveyed to the AICC leader how the Telangana issue derailed the assembly sessions in the recent past with adjournments and expulsions. Though Manohar avoided the media after the meeting,sources however said he had been briefed by Digvijay about the road map the Congress formulated for Telangana.If the CWC decides to bifurcate the state,things may move quickly leading to the adoption of a resolution by the assembly.Speaker is said to have informed the AICC general secretary about the parties positions in the assembly and possibility of cross voting, violation of the whip etc during the voting on the T resolution. On the other hand,T-Congress leaders V Hanumantha Rao and KR Amose came down heavily on the chief minister for allegedly trying to stall the formation of Telangana state.


CWC to take a clear-cut decision on T by passing a yes or no resolution on separate state
Decision on Telangana expected by month-end PCC chief differed with Kiran Kumars views on smaller states becoming breeding ground for Naxalism
Naxalism not a great threat Until industries are set up in other regions that could absorb the youth from outside Hyderabad,the city should be administered as Union Territory for at least 20 years,he said.According to Botsa,70% of the states youth get their livelihood in Hyderabad.When asked if he considered Naxalism too big a threat to avoid division of the state,the PCC chief said Naxalism had nothing to do with the size of the state.The Naxalite issue is in no way connected to the geography of the state.Naxalism was rampant earlier in Andhra Pradesh.Even then chief minister Chandrababu Naidu was attacked by Maoists.Between 2000 and 2003,the state recorded thousands of Maoist-related incidents.But,in the same Andhra Pradesh,after 2004,the issue has been tackled effectively, he said.
Stating that development and policies of the political leadership played a crucial role in the containment of the Maoist menace,Botsa said: The welfare programmes initiated by the Congress government have improved the living standards of poor,especially in the Naxal-affected areas.Now,they are in a position to eat two meals a day.People find no reason to gravitate towards violence.So,the argument that smaller states foster Maoism does not hold water.What matters is administration and development, he said.Botsa said he submitted two road maps.One,to face the challenges in case there is division and the other for united Andhra Pradesh, he said,and added that he would abide by whatever decision the party high command takes on the division of the state.

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