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అంది వచ్చిన మంచి అవకాశం -సద్వినియోగం చేసుకోండి. భారత సైన్యంలో - మంచి గౌరవప్రదమైన ఉద్యోగంలో చేరేందుకు గర్వంగా, నిశ్చింతగా నిర్ణయం తీసుకోండి.

01 నుండి 06 డిసెంబరు 2010 వరకు తెలంగాణా అభ్యర్థులకోసం ఆర్మీలో పలు ట్రేడ్స్/పోస్టుల ఎంపిక RECRUITMENT ర్యాలీ జరుగనుంది.

స్థలం - అంబేద్కర్ స్టేడియం (తిరుమలగిరి) సికింద్రాబాద్.

17 నుంచి 23 లోపు వయస్సు ఉండి, 162CM ఎత్తు కలిగి, మంచి దేహ ధారుడ్యం ఉన్న అభ్యర్థులు అర్హులు.

ఆసక్తి గల అభ్యర్థులు సంబంధిత ధ్రువ పత్రాలు (SSC MARKS MEMO, DATE OF BIRTH మరియు
NATIVITY CERTIFICATE), 8 పాస్ పోర్ట్ సైజు ఫొటోలతో, పై అడ్రస్ కి నేరుగా హాజరు కావాలి.

(మన వెనుకబడిన ప్రాంత యువకులు ఎక్కువ సంఖ్యలో ఆర్మీలో చేరాలనే ఉద్దేశ్యంతో ......)

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SABITA TO DISCUSS ISSUE WITH CM - Govt decision on SIs recruitment today

The state government will take a decision on Wednesday as to whether to go ahead with the recruitment of SIs or postpone it till the Hyderabad free zone issue is sorted out. Briefing the media after the all-party meeting, home minister Sabita Indra Reddy said that all the leaders were unanimous in their opinion that clause 14 F of the presidential order be amended and Hyderabad be declared as part of zone six and recruitments be postponed till that time.

Reiterating that there were no posts in Hyderabad to be filled under the notification of 2008, the home minister said that there was no need for students to get agitated since it would not harm the interests of the Telangana region people. However,in view of the opposition demand, Sabita said she would discuss the matter with chief minister K Rosaiah again on Wednesday and the government would then take a final decision. Replying to a question on the number of vacancies in Hyderabad,DGP K Aravinda Rao said that the department had identified 348 vacancies at the level of SIs but they would be filled sometime later.TDP leader P Chandrasekhar said he wanted the government to ensure that clause 14 F of the presidential order was deleted within one month and that the chief minister should take initiative in bringing pressure on the Centre in this regard.

J Ranga Reddy (CPM) also demanded that the Centre take note of the resolution passed by the state assembly and amend the constitution deleting the clause from the presidential order.TRS leaders E Rajender and T Harish Rao said that the recruitment should be put on hold till the matter was resolved and that CM should lead an all-party delegation to New Delhi.

BJP leader K Laxman said that his party was also opposed to Hyderabad being treated as free zone and it should ensure that the Centre amends the constitution during the winter session of Parliament.

Congress leader N Uttam Kumar Reddy said that Congress leaders from the Telangana region would soon meet chief minister K Rosiah and submit a memorandum to him demanding repeal of the clause 14 F.
KCR sets 15-day deadline for state govt

TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday demanded that the Hyderabad free zone issue be settled within the next 15 days and wanted chief minister K Rosaiah to lead an all-party delegation to New Delhi towards this end. The state assembly had passed an unanimous resolution which removed Hyderabad from the free zone and clubbed it with Zone VI.The constitution needs to be amended for the same and the matter is pending with the Centre.

Talking to the media on Tuesday,Rao said that the government should not have announced the decision to recruit SIs although it later put it on hold.Having seen the mood and reaction,it should now stop the process of recruitment till the constitution was amended by the Centre. Lashing at chief minister K Rosaiah,KCR said that though the state assembly had passed the resolution unanimously,the state government has failed to pursue the matter with the Centre and ensure that the constitution was amended.

The TRS chief claimed that during his recent visit to New Delhi,the Union home ministry officials informed him that the Centre was waiting for the opinion of the Union law ministry on amendment to the constitution.

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New Delhi: In an indication that a special status for Hyderabad may be recommended by the Srikrishna Committee,the panels member secretary V K Duggal said on Wednesday that the city was one of the key issues before the fivemember body.This is for the first time the spokesperson of the committee admitted that the controversial issue of the status of Hyderabad would be a key element of the report that they would submit to the Centre by December 31.

In a clear contrast from his earlier indication that the panel would give a report that would keep everybody happy,Duggal also said that if I were the director general of police I would be fully prepared for the law and order situation post December 31. This is seen as a signal that all may not be hunky dory after the report is submitted.Duggal added: Andhra Pradesh has a history of violence - like in 1969,1972 and 2009.

Duggal,who is the former home secretary,also said that along with the issue of Hyderabad,the matters of irrigation and water,power;public employment and the implementation of GO 610 were the other key issues engaging the attention of the committee.
Duggals comments see TRS go red

As reported in TOI earlier,V K Duggal,who was addressing a press conference,said that with regard to the changes in the social economic and demographic profile and growth of Hyderabad city,the New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research (CPR) had been asked to study the matter.

TRS representatives were livid on hearing about Duggals statements and vowed to intensify their agitation. Party supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao,in the capital presently,sought meeting with Duggal. But this was before Duggals utterances.Sources say that KCR was intrigued on hearing that the committee had engaged the CPR to study matters relating to Hyderabad and wanted details.In the event,however,the two could not meet. Other analysts said that they were not surprised that Hyderabad was emerging as the key element in the committees deliberations.With so much investments in the Hyderabad region,the Andhra investors were not willing to give up on the city even though the earlier opposition to Telangana has got diluted.This means that the committee has to come up with a solution on whom to give Hyderabad to, an analyst said.

Sources said that the CPR report will demonstrate that Hyderabad of 2010 is not Hyderabad of circa 1950. From being the capital of the Nizams dominion it has now transformed into a high-tech hub with people from all across the country having migrated to here.This has changed the demographic profile of the city and also extended its contours and size.

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