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Jagan may strike now

By all indications,it is only a matter of time before the young scion of the YSR family parts ways with the Congress forming his own YSR Congress.He will not go alone,he will take along with him many MLAs. Rationally, Jagan should wait till he nets 50 MLAs,because with one third of the legislative party with him,the anti-defection law cant apply.But Jagan is a young man in a hurry and may not wait for so long.With nightwatchman Rosaiah in charge,there is a crisis of leadership in the local party and the AP Congress can never control or co-opt Jagan.

The Congress may try and counter the Jagan factor by using Chiranjeevi and the Prajarajyam.But the result of this can lead to totally unexpected results.Naidu who has been eliminated from Telangana will apprehend his ouster from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.  In this situation,he can do the unthinkable: He might tie up with Jagan.Granted that there was considerable bad blood between Naidu and YSR,politics do make for strange bed fellows.Hence this possible scenario.

It was do or die battle for KCR

The TRS spared no effort to win the 10 seats it had resigned knowing well that any setback would severely dent KCRs standing in the region.This result is a big political boost for KCR, a political analyst said. Before the votes were cast on July 27, TRS chief had said: All 12 Congress candidates, including DS, should lose their deposit. Only then will Sonia Gandhi realise the intensity of Telangana sentiment. Indeed, Fridays verdict said it all as political pundits observed that the results cannot be passed off as a TRS demand for separate Telangana only. It was KCR who set the stage with his fastunto-death stir eight months ago. KCR had joined hands with Naidu in the 2009 electoral battle and fought the 2004 polls along with the Congress.It may be recalled that in Nov 2008, KCRs bypoll ploy backfired as his party lost nine of the 16 seats it had held.But not this time. It was a one-sided contest right from the time the counting of votes began in the morning, an analyst said.

The groundswell of support for TRS and separate statehood cause would do well pave the way for TRS to sell the T-line to the Centre that sentiment does run deep and that formation of separate Telangana is the larger aspiration of the people.Accepting the defeat,chief minister Rosaiah said in a brief statement that his party would respect the verdict of the people. The byelections were necessitated after 12 MLAs one each from TDP and BJP and 10 from TRS had resigned in February this year to bolster the demand for a separate Telangana state.
TRS win a referendum for separate state: KCR

Calling the sweeping victory of TRS candidates in the by elections as a victory of Telangana martyrs who died during the agitation for separate T state and four crore Telangana people,the TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the party dedicates its victory to all those people who supported them in the byelections and thanked the JAC for playing a key role in the victory of the party candidates. At a press conference on Friday evening,Rao said that the party leaders should not feel elated by the victory. It has put greater responsibility on them.The victory was a step forward in the direction of achieving a separate state,he said. Referring to the defeat of Congress and TDP candidates,he said it was a slap on their face.They lost their deposits despite spending Rs 200 crore,he said.Rao also criticised TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu of indulging in screw driver politics.KCR said he would now focus attention on strengthening the party organisation.Rao said the Centre should call for the Srikrishna committee report immediately and bifurcate the state respecting the verdict of the people before December 31.It is nothing but a referendum.If they fail they will heavy price in future. Talking of the partys support to BJP in Nizamabad urban,he said it was a special case but in future we will fight all election on our own,he added.

He said the Telangana JAC,which has a strong presence in the region,played an active role in the victory of the TRS by mobilising the government employees,lawyers associations,minorities and student organisations to rally for the separate state cause and vote for the TRS on polling day. The joint action committee organised massive awareness programmes like bus yatras,padayatras and village-level meetings to educate people about the importance of ensuring the victory of MLAs who had resigned.In fact it is the victory of the JAC more than the TRS,claim JAC leaders.More than 20 lakh students,3 lakh government employees and one lakh advocates actively participated in the campaign during the bypolls,JAC official spokesperson Vittal told TOI.
Record win for Harish Rao

He did not speak much.But his humungous vote margin said it all.Tenneeru Harish Rao,who recorded a massive victory of 95,858 votes,flashed the victory sign at Siddipet with a smug expression on his face while supporters around him raised slogans of Jai ho Telangana. As his supporters shouted slogans of Telangana ki addu voste,addamga narikestham (Nobody dare cross our path to Telangana) and savoured his stupendous victory,Harish Rao just walked away.For starters,Harish has dethroned late Y S Rajasekhara Reddys record win of 68,681 votes from Pulivendula in 2009 polls by overtaking it by nearly 30,000 votes.He himself stood a close second behind YSR with 64,667 vote majority in 2009.While he polled 1,08,779 votes,his nearest Congress rival T Srinivas Goud received 11,610 votes.TDPs Babu Mohan was thrashed as he got a paltry 5,258 votes.Revelling in the victory,Harish said TRS stood out as the true representative of Telangana cause.With this win,we will take the T-vadam (sentiment) forward, he said.He said the Congress line that it would onlydeliver the separate state had no takers.The Congress must introspect as people are fed up with its false promises, he observed.TNN

Bypoll results add to Congs T-pressure -Partys Decision To Contest The Byelections Backfires

The party high command should now wake up to reality that a strong sentiment for separate state exists in Telangana and change its stance,Congress leaders from the the Telangana region said on Friday. Many in the party see an encore of the same results in the forthcoming local body elections unless the high command changed its stance.Although senior leaders from the Telangana were not very hopeful of Congress candidates winning, they never expected that their defeat would be so disgraceful. Some had expected that with all his money power D Srinivas would scrape through. Many T-Congress leaders attribute the defeat to the social coalition that emerged in the T area after December 2009. This was the result of recent T-agitation that spread to every educational institute,town and village where people voluntarily formed Joint Action Committees (JACs) in support of the students who were in the forefront of the Telangana agitations.

All the JACs actively campaigned for the TRS candidates.The formation of social coalition of caste groups,doctors,lawyers,University teachers,students and other occupational groups played a key role in the elections.They all campaigned for the TRS in every village.The mass support helped the TRS win with huge margins, Nizamabad MP Madhu Yaski Goud commented. Unfortunately, Madhu said, the Congress leadership failed to notice this trend in the region.If the party fails to acknowledge this trend and does not change its stance on Telangana,it will bite the dust in the local body polls as well, Yaski told TOI from Delhi.He said he conveyed the same apprehension to AICC general secretary in-charge of AP M Veerappa Moily in New Delhi on Friday afternoon.

Echoing a similar sentiment,Telangana senior leaders reiterated that the party committed a mistake by contesting the polls and ignoring the all pervasive separate state sentiment.Former CWC member G Venkataswamy asked the PCC president to own up the moral responsibility for the defeat and quit.CWC member K Kesava Rao said he was the first person to oppose the party fielding candidates in the elections.APCC spokersperson B Kamalakar Rao said he was aware of the all pervasive sentiment in the region.Owning up his defeat,PCC president D Srinivas changed tack and said that the party high command should now realize the depth of the Telangana sentiment.While Telangana leaders rejoiced at the results,Andhra leaders who were partially responsible for the Congree entering the fray said lack of leadership in the party is also a factor for the poll debacle. Anantapur MP Ananta Venktramireddy claimed that had Jagan been allowed to tour the region,things would have been different.Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal who predicted the flop show by the party,said the result though anticipated was painful to him.

NEWS ANALYSIS- Prospects of T more real now:TRS Victory May Trigger Realignment Of Forces In State

What matters in Telangana today is Telangana alone.In a manifestation of this sentiment,the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) swept the bypolls in Telangana and made the prospects of a separate state a lot more real. Till a fortnight ago,the general feeling was that TRS would lose at least a few among the 10 seats that it had vacated and for which bypolls had been held.But the electorate realising that defeating the TRS candidates would put a break on the new state came out and voted decisively for Telangana. Ask TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu or AP Congress chief D Srinivas.Naidu wanted to obfuscate the Telangana issue by kicking up the Babli row with Maharashtra but all his candidates were routed and many lost their deposits.D Srinivas was trying to campaign on the development issue in Nizamabad town promising that he would raise it to the standards of nearby Nanded in Maharashtra,but he had to see the face of defeat for the second time running.

It is true that with 11 seats (Including Vemulawada where the TDP candidate shifted loyalty to KCR),TRS has less than 10 per cent of the total 119 legislative seats in Telangana.But K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has now tasted blood and is unlikely to sit still.His men along with the Joint Action Committee will now build up a systematic campaign in Telangana and may also demand that all other MLAs from Telangana resign and seek re-election.They might start boycotting ministers and MLAs and not allow them to enter the region without quitting.

Especially affected by the election results will be the TDP whose cadres can now be expected to increasingly desert the party and join the TRS.This will suit the TRS too,because it is presently a party without significant cadre strength.Some amount of cadre movement is likely from the Congress too,although their bosses will tell them to hold their horse.The argument to be sold by the Congresses bosses: Telangana cannot happen without a nod from Delhi,so KCR will be forced to play ball with us.

For Congress,the rout in Telangana (their candidates also lost deposits in some places) is a double whammy.As KCR looms larger then life in Telangana,Jaganmohan Reddy threatens the grand old party in Andhra and Rayalaseema.

VOTE IS FOR TELANGANA-11/11 For TRS;DS Loses To BJP Again In Nizamabad Urban

Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao has every reason to smile.The Telangana agitation spearheaded by his TRS received an overwhelming endorsement when his party swept to an epochmaking victory in 11 seats, while his new political ally BJP won the Nizamabad Urban constituency. As Rosaiahs Congress and Chandrababu Naidus TDP lick their wounds given the drubbing they received in the bypolls, results of which were announced on Friday,it has emerged doubly clear that the nearly four crore populace of the region would settle for nothing less than a Telangana state. While the impressive win of TRS would further enhance KCRs standing in the region as a satrap championing the T-cause,both Congress and TDP have much to ponder over.Its a victory of Telangana martyrs who died during the agitation for separate T state and four crore Telangana people, KCR said at a press conference on Friday evening.
Rao said the Centre should call for the Srikrishna Committee report immediately and bifurcate the state,respecting the verdict of the people before December 31.It is nothing but a referendum.If they fail,they will have to pay a heavy price in future, the TRS leader said.

The ruling Congress suffered a major setback with party state unit president D Srinivas losing the Nizamabad Urban seat by 11,981 votes to BJPs Yendala Lakshminarayana.While DS was smarting under a second successive defeat in more than a year,TRS candidates scored impressive victories in Siddipet,Dharmapuri,Vemulawada,Chennur,Mancherial and Sirpur seats.KCRs nephew and TRS candidate Tanneeru Harish Rao coasted to victory in Siddipet by a margin of 95,858 votes,while Ch Ramesh emerged victorious in Vemulawada by a big margin of 50,443 votes.

Meanwhile,TRS established an unassailable lead over its main rival the Congress in the remaining four constituencies when reports last came in.TRS Yellareddy candidate Enugula Ravinder Reddy was leading by 27,471 votes and K Vidyasagar Rao (Korutla) by 45,895 in the seventh round of counting.Similary,Sircilla candidate K T Rama Rao was leading by 44,642 votes while Eetela Rajender of Huzurabad was leading by 39,927 votes in the fifth round. The results in five seats Warangal West,Yellareddy,Huzurabad,Sircilla and Korutla where ballot boxes were used as there were more candidates than electronic voting machines (EVMs) could list trickled in late.

HARISH RAO Siddipet - Margin of victory 95,858 votes
ESHWAR Dharmapuri - Margin of victory 58,854 votes
VIDYASAGAR Korutla - Margin of victory 53031 votes
V BHASKAR Warangal (W) - Margin of victory 67,809 votes
ODELU Chennur - Margin of victory 44,284 votes
SAMMAIAH Sirpur - Margin of victory 15,229 votes
CH RAMESH Vemulawada - Margin of victory 50,443 votes
LAXMINARAYANA Nizamabad (U) - Margin of victory 11,981 votes

SWEET VICTORY: Celebrating his partys sweep in the bypolls,TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao offers sweets to Medak MP Vijayashanti at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad on Friday

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